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You Might Be a Diehard If...

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever named a pet after a favorite player.   [1 point]'ve ever named your car after a favorite player.   [2 points]'ve ever named a child after your favorite player.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever gotten Bronson Arroyo's autograph.   [1 point]'ve ever gotten John Valentin's autograph.   [2 points]'ve ever gotten John Wasdin's autograph.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever yelled "Yankees suck!" when the Red Sox weren't playing the Yankees.   [1 point]'ve ever yelled "Only three grand slams and a solo shot to tie!" when the Sox are down
          15-2 in the ninth.   [2 points]'ve ever yelled "C'mon, Eric, you can do it!" to Eric Gagne.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever bought a Big Papi T-shirt.   [1 point]'ve ever bought a Mo Vaughn T-shirt.   [2 points]'ve ever bought a Phil Plantier T-shirt.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever traveled more than 100 miles to get to Fenway.   [1 point]'ve ever traveled more then 100 miles to watch the Red Sox play a road game.   [2 points]'ve ever traveled more than 100 miles to watch the Greenville Drive, or one
          of the Red Sox' other minor league affilliates.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if... were in the stands when Big Papi won a post-season game in 2004.   [1 point] were in the stands when Fisk waved his home run fair in '75.   [2 points] were in the stands when the Sox beat the Cubs in the 1918 World Series.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if... have a Red Sox blanket.   [1 point] have a Red Sox shower curtain.   [2 points] have Yankee toilet paper.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever brought a sign to a game.   [1 point]'ve ever worn a lucky hat (or socks or underwear) to a game.   [2 points]'ve ever brought garlic to a game to ward off evil spirits.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever listened to a game on the radio because it wasn't on TV.   [1 point]'ve ever followed the game on the internet because you couldn't pick it up on the radio.
          [2 points]'ve ever watched the "ticker" on CNN Headline News for hours on end just to see the
          score scroll by, because you didn't have internet access.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever skipped school or work to go to a game.   [1 point]'ve ever canceled a date to go to a game.   [2 points]'ve ever postponed your wedding because you had Red Sox tickets.   [3 points]

You might be a diehard if...'ve ever spent hours on the phone dialing over and over trying for playoff tickets.   [1 point]'ve ever stood outside Fenway in January in sub-zero windchills to get Yankee tickets
          for September.   [2 points]'ve ever stood outside Fenway in January in sub-zero windchills to get Joe Kerrigan's
          autograph.   [3 points]

The verdict:

0:Get your priorities straight. At least buy a T-shirt! You might be a Yankee fan.
1 - 10:You're dedicated to the Sox. You don't miss a game, whether it's on the radio, TV, or internet. You might be a diehard.
11 - 30:You're addicted to the Sox. You plan your day around games. People at work steer clear of you during losing streaks. You might be a diehard.
31 - 50:You're fanatical about the Sox. You're the first person your friends think of when they hear the Red Sox mentioned. You probably have a Red Sox website that you spend way too much time on. You just might be a diehard.
51 or more:You're going to get your own padded cell in old Fenway if they ever move to a new park. You're what the rest of us aspire to. You are a diehard!

[For the record, I've done many - but not all - of the things above, for a total of 46 points.]

Are you a diehard?
What's the craziest thing you've ever done for the Sox?
Fill in the blank, and the best responses will be posted on this page.

You might be a diehard if...

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More People Who Might Be Diehards

You might be a diehard if...'ve worn a Red Sox t-shirt underneath your Navy dress uniform during a command inspection. (1986)
– Al McGilvray taught your 6-year-old daughter how to spell Carl Yastrzemski's name correctly.
– Jim Achey
       ...after giving blood you pass out, and when you wake up the first thing you do is call your Mom to ask who's pitching that night... just to make sure you don't have any memory loss going on.
– Tara from Rhode Island
       ...your dad played for the Southampton Blue Sox against Yaz and his family on the White Eagles in town league, and had a better batting average.
– Sheppard teach kids in Pakistan baseball, while doing earthquake relief, and that the only true baseball team is the Red Sox.
– Thomas John take dirt from Fenway every time you're there just to add some of the magic to your wiffleball field.
– Pat C.'ve ever sung "root root for the RED SOX!" during the seventh-inning stretch when the Sox are not even playing the home team.
– Sean Moran paint your room like Fenway Park with adjustable standings and scoreboard.
– Joey were physically ill all Sunday night after the Red Sox were swept by the Yankees in a 4-game series over the weekend. On Monday morning, you find out your town's drinking water is contaminated with e. coli, but you still blame the Yankees.
– Kristen
       ...almost every day in Manila, you take your 13-month-old daughter for a ride in her stroller. You wear your Red Sox baseball cap and a Red Sox T-shirt. Also, living in a time zone 12 hours ahead of the East Coast, you get up in the middle of your night to follow the Red Sox games on "Gameday" via the internet.
– BoSox Fan 1950 never knew a thing about baseball until your friends forced you to sit in front of the TV and watch the 2004 playoffs. By the end of the series you knew every player, position, stat, batting order, pitching rotation and that the Yanks were more evil than anything to ever live on this earth. 5 years later your friends who have followed them since birth, come to you for all the new stats and updates... thank you guys, I love this team!
– James fly 3000 miles to go to a game. Go through the tour in the afternoon. Enter the stadium when the gates open, sit for three and a half hours and have the game cancelled because of lighting. And say you were in the park long enough to see a game!
– Mark B. name your new cat Papi.
– Meghan live in Spain and you used to be awake at 1:05 a.m. to watch the Red Sox games.
– Guillem cry with complete strangers you just met in a bar recalling Red Sox losses neither one of you was yet born for. Oh, and you want your kid to grow up to be just like Tony Fossas.
– Matt in Oklahoma ran outside screaming and banging pots and pans when the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series.
– Shayne Dunn almost missed your first dance at your wedding to listen to the top half of the first inning on your phone when the Red Sox were playing Oakland.
– Jeff drove from Jackson, Mississippi, on Friday night at midnight to New Orleans, hopped on a 5 am plane to Logan, and arrived just in time for the 2004 victory parade!
– Jane wrote a final thesis of how the Red Sox organization relates to social structure in a senior sociology class in college.
– Matt Caruso ran into the church across the street from your house betweeen innings to pray for the Sox to win during Game 5 of the '03 ALDS.
– Buck completely cover your bathroom in Red Sox stuff so it can be like "Fever Pitch", receive a roll of Yankees toilet paper as a house-warming gift and when you go to Yankee Stadium you buy the New York subway Yankee Stadium station sign, because it will look just perfect over the toilet.
– Shari takes you seven months to put siding on the back of your house because you kept stopping to go watch the games.
– Beth R. stand in line for more than 6 hours to get your pic taken with the World Series trophy the first time they won it after 86 years.
– Dexter Gagnon have a playlist on your ipod, specifically for Red Sox games. You don't listen to it at any other time, otherwise the luck will be tarnished.
– Tessie
       ...when you are rushed to the hospital for a heart attack, just before you sign the waiver to have an angiogram, you tell them they can strip you down and shave you, but you insist that they allow you to keep your Red Sox cap on as they put you under!
– Mark Hughes from CT
       ...your locker combination is 7-20-9 and you open the lock always saying, "J.D. Drew, Kevin Youkilis, Ted Willliams" while all the girls in the locker room look at you like you're nuts.
– Tara live 3940 miles from Fenway and you watched BOS @ NYY 2004 ALCS Game 7 till 6 a.m. together with a Yankee fan.
– Francesco L. decided to buy your house because the neighbors were Red Sox fans.
– Tiffany pay a friend double your normal wage to cover your ER shift, find a "ticket procurement agent", and drive through the night to make it to St. Louis in time to see Game 4 of the 2004 World Series, then drive through the night again to make it home in time for your next shift.
– Jim
       ...your son's name is Boston, and your dogs' names are Fenway and Sox.
– Kim Porter spent 2 months trying to convince your husband to cancel your 2 week cruise to Alaska, so you could go to Japan to see the Sox begin the season.
– Missy begged your coach to petition for your Pee-Wee softball team to be called the Patten Lady Red Sox, but got rejected because he was a Yankee fan.
– Jen might be the only Sox fan on the face of the earth who, when the Sox took the field in the bottom of the 10th for Game Six, screamed from the nosebleed section of Shea Stadium, "Where's Dave Stapleton?" (Don't get me started on John Mac!)
– SJM took a bottle of holy water to Fenway in '04 and '07 and threw it over the Green Monster to rid the curse in '04 and give them luck in '07.
– Matt Peters left a water park you paid too much money for just so you wouldn't miss the end of the first game of a doubleheader.
– Danielle
       ...while at a game with your girlfriend, you refused to talk to her from the second inning on because she voted for Derek Jeter on her All-Star ballot.
– William Larson
       ...on your first wedding anniversary, you and your husband get Red Sox tattoos.
– Mary P. leave instructions in your will to be cremated with some of your ashes to be spread on the warning track at Fenway.
– Brian Saunders've ever watched 4 or more innings of a game from the kitchen because you were in the kitchen when the Sox went ahead and you don't want to jinx the team.
– Mike bring your newborn boy home from the hospital in a Red Sox sleeper.
– Debbie Hanson convince your family to reschedule your Dad's funeral service so you can make it to Game #1 of the 2004 Division Series against the Angels (I live in Anaheim).
– Vince

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