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You Might Be a Diehard If... drive over 1000 miles to see the Sox stomp the Rays, even though you live three hours from Tampa Bay... just to make sure your son sees his first game at Fenway.
– Tracy have a teacher named Mrs. Tomlin but you always accidentally call her Mrs. Timlin.
– Vince wake up 3 in the morning only to spend 5+ hours driving to Boston, just to see the World Series trophy.
– Jack schedule open gall bladder surgery around the schedule of the World Series.
– Shy name your computer Big Papi and your wireless network Fenway.
– Justine drive 8 hours from your college in western NY and miss 2 days of school to be there for Manny's walk-off 3-run bomb to beat the Angels in the 2007 ALDS.
– Conor own every single player's t-shirt and wear them to church to pray for their individual good luck.
– Kaydee threatened to skip your high school graduation because Pedro was pitching against the Yankees. Also, you spent most of your senior prom in the bathroom, on your cell phone checking the score, because Pedro was pitching against the Royals.
– Alicia Mulkern
       ...on the morning of Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS while on patrol you turned a corner in Sadr City, Baghdad, and there were two kids wearing a Sox hat and Cape Cod sweatshirt, and you knew all would be OK.
– Scott ran home from the school bus stop every day because you wrote away for Fred Lynn's autograph and hoped it would be in the mailbox, but it never came.
– James had a weeklong headache after watching the final 2003 playoff game against the Yanks.
– Tizza LeClair wake up from triple bypass heart surgery in January of 2005 asking if Derek Lowe is still with the Red Sox.
– Hanan Ricks
       ...Rem-Dawg is in all of your dreams giving a play-by-play even when the dream has nothing to do with baseball.
– Liz wear your new Red Sox bikini during Game 5 of the 2007 ALCS (just for a little extra luck) - which they WIN - and then can't bring yourself to take it off until they win the World Series. (Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like showering daily in a bathing suit, and then waiting for it to OCTOBER!!!)
– Audrey've created a Madden team in which the roster consists of all the '04 Boston Red Sox, having V-Tek as QB, Kapler as fullback, etc.
– Steve Levine buy your dog a Red Sox jersey with her own name and number on it and have her sit on the couch watching all the games you can.
– Allison listened to the World Series on radio and watched the TV with the mute on so you could not hear McCarver and Buck trash the Red Sox anymore.
– Lorraine Papazian have a number 37 jersey and it says "Spaceman" on the back.
– Dave Putonen watched an 8-DVD set of the 2004 championship broadcasts all the way through four times. (I was in Mississippi after Katrina with electricity but no TV reception.)
– Andy principal of the elementary school, you create "Friday Jersey Day" just so you can wear your Sox jersey to work... and now I have a building full of miniature Sox fans yelling "Go Red Sox!" in the halls... and we live in Idaho!
– Kim pretended to be David Ortiz when you hit a walk-off in Little League.
– Jeff Morrison chased Marty Barrett's car down the street for an autograph, which he did sign when he stopped at the red light.
– Michelle Golz
       ...before asking you to do something, your friends preface all invitations with, "Is there a Sox game at such-and-such-a time?"
– Audrey tell a 5-year-old on a plane to Boston that his NY Yankees cap is illegal to wear in Red Sox Nation.
– Theresa buy your boss lunch, beer and a box seat ticket (next to yours) so he'll give you the day off to watch the Red Sox when they come to town for a Spring Training game.
– David got sent to your university's grief counselor after a professor noted that you seemed exceptionally depressed after the '03 ALCS.
– Jenny
       ...your 6-year old son yells "Manny Whooo" when Jason Bay gets a hit, catches a fly ball, or steals a base without tripping.
– Randy named your plastic baby for parent skills class Josh Beckett Jr.
– Tara
       ...when you run out of personal days at work, you make a wisdom tooth extraction appointment at noon so you can get a doctor's note and be out in time to make the 3 hour drive to Fenway for the 7:05 start! (By the way, I only had the 2 taken out of the right side in case I need to use the left for a future game.)
– Mark Hughes from CT
       ...your college roommates got you a Red Sox T-shirt & thong underwear for your birthday... you cried and told 'em it was the best birthday ever.
– Danielle Putonen miss the birth of your first grandchild to go to a Sox road game.
– Kathy DiRosario and your husband stood on the corner of Commonwealth Ave for 6 hours to watch the 2004 World Series Victory Parade pass by on a rainy October day. I will never forget it and can't wait to do it again this season!
– Angela Richards drag your Yankees fan friends through the mall looking in every sports store for a Pedroia shirt even though all they wanted was lip gloss.
– Eli painted your entire room like Fenway Park and bought autographed pictures to hang in the room.
– Joey wake up at 4am, walk down to Game On! and watch the '08 season opener skipping a midterm, work, and a class.
– Quinn are a kindergarten teacher and your boss won't give you the day off to go to the Sox parade so you make the kids dress up and make signs and have your own parade around the town!!!
– Laura Mellyn only get 2 hours of sleep at night (which really is just closing your eyes) because the Sox games are on between 2 and 4 in the moring in Iraq.
– Danny Martiniello exchange your large soda for a medium at Burger King because the large cups are Yankees collectibles.
– Kevin Niessen get out of work on a Monday at 6am, sleep for 4 hours, get up, drive an hour and pick up your best friend, drive 3 more hours to fenway, combine to spend over $500, watch the Lester no-hitter, get kicked out of the park by the ground crew cause we donít want to leave, lose a driver's license, credit card, and our voices for 2 weeks, somehow make it back to Maine at 7am the next day with only $2 in our pockets, 2 ticket stubs, and a raffle ticket giving us a chance to win a World Series ring.
– Mills made your mother buy every different bottle of Red Sox wine for you because you weren't old enough to buy it for yourself.
– Kayla try to convince your wife to let you name your son Fenway Theodore Andrews.
– Greg Andrews

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