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You Might Be a Diehard If... wear a Yankees shirt to school on "Tacky Shirt Day".
– Billy Rainsford first grade art class you had to make paper bag puppets, and every day you made a different Red Sox player. Your art teacher would yell at you to make something different, "You made that yesterday, make something else today!" And your response was, "Yesterday I made Jody Reed, today I'm making Dwight Evans"... and you still to this day have the entire '88 Sox team in the form of paper bag puppets.
– Whit've taken your Wally doll along while backpacking across Europe. No room for souvenirs and only three pairs of pants for a month, but hey - Wally kissed the Blarney Stone and the ladies of Amsterdam!
– Joy can find on a cadaver exactly which tendon Nomar injured during the 2001 season.
– Laura wrote your Senior year business thesis for college on the Boston Red Sox and what they need to do in order to survive, and win the World Series.
– Linda Carfagna don't get NESN at school, so instead of the games you watch this on your computer screen: Pitch 1: Strike...Pitch 2: Ball....Pitch 3: Hit into Play....for the entire 9 innings, all the while wondering why you're at school because your only dream in life is to be Mike Greenwell, as it has been since you were just a little girl.
– Diane show up at a Red Sox game four hours before the start, just for the chance that you might get to see Doug Mirabelli drive by you.
– Ron Johnson can recite, word for word, complete with Ken Coleman's radio sound bites, the entire "Impossible Dream" record of the 1967 BoSox season. ("And then, one August night, the kid in right lies sprawling in the dirt. The fastball struck him square. He's down. Is Tony badly hurt?")
– Gordon
       ...while on vactaion in February in the Bahamas, you asked an old man at a hotel bar to remove his Yankees hat because it was bothering you. (His reply: "You must be a Sox fan.")
– Jeffrey were in awe of seeing Bob Rodgers host a Red Sox rally at Monument Square in Portland.
– Steve Segal
       ...the letter "Q" reminds you of Carlos Quintana instead of that guy from the Bond movies.
– Wade give the 3-year-old boy who lives next door to you in Iowa a Red Sox cap for his birthday and teach him to say "Garciaparra rules", just to have a fellow fan out in here.
– Veronica, formerly from Salem refused to take off your Red Sox hat, even though you were at your friend's work event in a Yankee Stadium box with Joe Pepitone. (The Sox won 9-3.)
– Jeffrey buy a satellite just to watch the Sox games and use cable for everything else.
– Deadbot
       ...your parents have to fight you tooth and nail to peel the Jason Varitek t-shirt off your body to wash it 'cause you haven't taken it off since the postseason started.
– Lauren McCole
       ...when you were nine years old you found a "lucky penny" on the T and threw it to Marty Barrett when he was on deck and he proceeded to hit a double off the wall, prompting him to find you after the game and give you the game ball.
– Dave from Somerville your freshman year of college you are known as "Red Sox Matt" and give a speech on The Curse in a history class.
– Matt Lemieux
       ...when you're at Mass you ask the priest to say a prayer for the Red Sox, and he does with a straight face.
– Lauren McCole are a cop assigned to patrol the midnight shift and you actually LOOK FORWARD to them making their trips to the west coast so that you can listen to the games during your normal waking hours!
– Christopher are watching Gameday at an internet cafe in Thailand at four o'clock in the morning. And then when the power goes out, you get on your motorbike and drive five miles in the rain to catch the last inning in the next town.
– Sean Daley
       ...your brother-in-law taught his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter to say "Nomar hits the ball wicked hard" every time Garciaparra steps to the plate.
– Billy are known to some as "Boston Ben" even though you are from Connecticut.
– Ben think of Greg Maddux as "Mike Maddux's brother."
– Kevin Soares
       ...the greatest moment in your life was when you found out that your great-grandfather's painting company was the one that was hired to paint over the billboards on the left field wall and turn it into the Green Monster.
– Dan're a 44-year-old female from Boston who drove to Fort Myers with her hubby and 3 kids (not fun) to watch the Sox at spring training, and then ended up coming home with a Red Sox Logo tattoo on your ankle.
– Doreen have a Red Sox keychain, Red Sox license plate, Red Sox credit card, Red Sox hats and shirts, a Red Sox website, Red Sox wallpaper, a Red Sox screen saver, and you named your son Sammy because your last name is White - even though you live in Kansas City.
– Paul White have a life-sized Nomar cutout in your living room that you dress up for every holiday.
– Phyllis don't get Sox games on TV so you sit in front of watching every Sox game stats with no sound, refreshing your computer constantly to see what happens next.
– Mike Beeckman write a term paper for a class at a New York college, arguing that there is a curse and that the Yankees are devils.
– Dave found this site because you were searching ebay for a Mike Greenwell and a Tom Brunansky jersey.
– Gary Arruda made your wife memorize the current year's Sox batting lineup on your honeymoon.
– Mark Gilman a teacher you give your class extra points every time Pedro gets 10 or more K's.
– Will rent the video of the 1986 World Series, thinking that you can actually change history, and then cry when the game is over.
– Erica
       ...any time you meet someone named Bill, you immediately flash back to the ball going through Buckner's legs.
– J.R. dress up your entire family in Garciaparra jerseys on Christmas morning to annoy your Yankee fan father-in-law, and he still gives you gifts.
– Michael Sprigle got married on October 9th, 1999, traveled to Bermuda for your honeymoon, and every night there was a game on you left your bride in the hotel and rode that rinky-dink moped you rented to the local bar to watch two games of the Division Series against Cleveland (both wins) and two against the Yankees in the ALCS (both losses) ... she knew what she was getting into!
– Russ Harlow find a way to include Wade Boggs in every creative writing assignment you had in 11th grade English, including "The 5 people you would bring to the moon should life on Earth suddenly come to an end."
– Matt watch SportsCenter long enough to see the Red Sox highlights 5 times, just to be sure.
– Tyrel turned your sox hat frontwards when being introduced to and shaking hands with El Duque, his wife, and children at a formal dinner party in 2000. He just gave me a big smirk and said, "Oh, Boston" in a Cuban accent.
– Tony travel from Indiana to Fenway for the Ted Williams tribute. (Who needs a game to get to Fenway??)
– Chad
       ...your first Red Sox idol was Butch Hobson.
– Matt
       ...your four-year-old daughter believes "suck" is not a swear if you say "Yankees" first.
– Bob still have the first Red Sox hat you ever owned, which you refuse you wash because that would take away the good luck.
– Eileen visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and while in the Babe Ruth room, you say a prayer to break the "curse".
– Don Webster will only consider buying a green car so that you can get away with naming it the Green Monster.
– Eileen wear your mother's girdle at age 9 to simulate Yaz's back brace while pretending to partake in his every at-bat heard over the radio. (Don't worry, as a 32-year-old male, I no longer wear women's undergarments.)
– Bob Mezzo
       ...Yaz's farewell speach brings you to tears, as it did when you were 12. (Why do so many of my Red Sox memories involve tears?)
– Matt really actually believed Sam Horn could be the one to break Maris' record.
– Chris Merli yell to Stacey Beck to get her autograph on the wives' cookbook, "Crowding the Plate." And then you ask how the kids are.
– Angela Grant and Jillian Blackey honestly think YOUR superstitious actions will turn around a game that the Red Sox are losing.
– Todd
       ...your last request is to have your ashes scattered in front of the Green Monster.
– Laura attend four of the Caravan stops in one week. You stand outside in freezing temperatures (for HOURS) for two, and wait four hours (by yourself) for another. And I STILL don't have Pedro or Nomar's autographs!!!!!
– Liz Saluti name your first-born child "Pumpsie," no matter whether it's a boy or a girl.
– Vince Marzo cry when you read other people's "diehard" comments.
– Peggy Kimball swear the Red Sox retired uniform number "1" in honor of Herb Plews.
– Vinnie get up and wave Carlton Fisk's home run fair with him every time you see a replay of Game 6 of the '75 World Series.
– Lauren M. bought a Buddy Bailey card on e-bay just so you could get his autograph before the game the next homestand.
– Jon
       ...everone at college keeps asking you when you're going home to Boston for Thanksgiving, even though you live in Connecticut.
– Luke drive from Vermont on ice-covered roads and sit out in the 37-degree icy drizzle to watch Pedro pitch his home opener and get 16 K's, and know you'd do it again without hesitation.
– Annie wore your baseball pants down and baggy in the only freshman baseball game you were starting in, because thats how Manny wears them.
– Jon and your college roomate had intricately documented K's in your dorm room window, one for every K that Pedro racked up for the entire 2000 season. Then you paid a cleaning bill when you refused to take them down yourself.
– Ian fed your children microwave popcorn for dinner because the game was on and you could not possibly leave the living room for more than 60 seconds.
– Lori got caught skipping school on Opening Day - Mom was watching the game on TV!
– George M. live in the midwest, and drive your wife and family crazy by talking about the Red Sox on a daily basis. You keep track of each win or non-win (sorry, I can't say "loss") on a Red Sox schedule you downloaded from the internet. You wear a Red Sox hat and shirt to Brewers and Cardinals games.
– Ken start a spring training countdown on October 1st.
– Cliff Mayle systematically knocked on all your neighbors doors to ask if you could watch a 1967 spring training game on their TV becaue yours was broken.
– smichaeld asked your Yankee fan fiance to sign a prenuptial agreement promising to convert to the right team.
– Jewel Heldman kick people out of and ban them from your dorm room once you find out they're Yankee fans, or even just from New Jersey.
– Lauren M.

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