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You Might Be a Diehard If... used to play hooky from school to sit on the billboard across the street from Fenway. No left field view, but I saw my boys every opening day.
– Brian Polito've trained your friends and family to hate the Yankees and anything New York.
– Marcus Auger spell Jimy with one "m".
– Matt C. refuse to be friends with Yankee fans.
– Cira Daubach voted for Dom DiMaggio over his brother Joe for All-Star outfielder.
– Dan McDonough got married in a Bosox uniform! (I did!)
– Lisa Simpson
       a)'ve paid over $50 on Red Sox apparel.
b) pawned your wedding ring for Red Sox apparel.
c)'ve searched through garbage cans for Red Sox apparel.
– Cira Daubach ran down the street outside Fenway following 6 kids you didn't know to get Bob Zupcic's autograph.
– John travel to NJ to watch the Thunder go on a six-game winning streak, scouting potential players for starting pitching and third base.
– Jack Reed've ever legally changed your name from Roger to Pedro.
– Jeff "Pedro" DeLuca've ever called yourself a "Kutch Potato."
– Drew Jacobus've ever attended a baseball camp hosted by Calvin Schiraldi.
– Tom Bedard've ever pointed to your toe, knee, arm, and ass, when referring to Tony Armas.
– Victor can't leave the stadium until the final out is made, even if the Sox are losing 22-1.
– Paul Leoncavallo tell somone to check their Yankees hat at the door before entering your home or car.
– Matt Monahan met Johnny Pesky after the Home Run Derby in the '99 All-Star Game.
– John Appolonia choose all Red Sox for your fantasy team.
– Mark Pagliuca cried after the Bosox lost an exhibition spring training game against the Twins.
– Alissa've skipped your prom two years in a row because Pedro was on the mound that night. (And he threw for 15 K's both years!)
– Pete almost came to blows with a little league teammate in a (successful) effort to get uniform #17 in exchange for your #4 when Marty Barrett got promoted from Pawtucket to Boston.
– Mike Giammarco ate chicken before every Sox game in the 1980's.
– Ken Kunes stopped eating chicken after Boggs left.
– Ken Kunes
       ...on vacation in Arizona, every catcus you saw had some tie to baseball - like the one with Nomar's nose, or the one that looked like a Yankee fan. (I swear it was making a rude gesture at me!)
– Kristen Cornette live in New York, but you use your Red Sox MBNA Credit Card just to stir the pot.
– Larry Ackerman sleep with a Red Sox blanket every night.
– Tiffany skipped two of your college finals (at school in Chicago) to fly home to Boston early to see a Sox-Yankees game from the bleachers. (I had my father drive me straight from Logan to Fenway so I could meet my buds. The Sox won and I could care less about what I got on those tests.)
– Andrew Shessler
       ...your father called Tim Naehring's aunt to get directions to Little Fenway outside of Cincinnati, so you could go before you moved away from the area.
– Kristen Cornette've umped a little league game between the Red Sox and Yankees and told the Red Sox coach that he would win before the first pitch was thrown.
– Pete sat in the rain for four hours on Easter Sunday with bunny ears and a poncho waiting for Pedro!! (I never got to see the game! It got rained out!!)
– Tiffany tell a slumping Mike Greenwell at an autograph show that he "better hit" the next day at the park because you have tickets.
– Barry Osborne gave your kid the nickname "El Guapo".
– Neilio cry whenever the Red Sox lose an important game.
– Matt Snyder've ever sat alone in your car out in the middle of nowhere (in PA) listening to the Sox on the radio because you couldn't tune in WTIC, Hartford on the radio at home. (Thank God for satellite dishes & the net!)
– Jerome McArdle
       ...your entire family steers clear of you when the team loses, no matter whether they're 20 games up on the Yankees or 20 games back.
– Bethany Tung
       ...your entire family steers clear of you when the team wins, no matter whether they're 20 games up on the Yankees or 20 games back.
– Bethany Tung told your finacee that you couldn't get married in October, just in case the Sox made the playoffs.
– Andy've ever worn the same shirt for three weeks straight because it was good luck for the Sox during the playoffs.
– Pete've seriously considered getting married at Fenway Park.
– Matt Monahan went around Boston giving out flyers saying "Go Brian Rose" since he was pitching that night.
– Mike Wooters bought a red Jeep and pasted it with Red Sox stickers to drive to every game.
– Wilson B. travel to the Bronx and stay in a hotel that has bullet-proof glass in front of the front desk to see Pedro and Roger on Sunday Night Baseball.
– Sean Brennan take a bus trip to Fenway to see the Sox play the Yankees, but the bus breaks down, and you sit in a rest area for 4 hours. You're the only one with a Walkman, so you become the color commentator to the rest of the crew!
– Timothy Sherry almost get in a fight at the Hall of Fame with some guy from Jersey because he doesn't think Rice or Tiant belong in the Hall.
– Ben McClendon can name all the bald Sox players.
– Scott Roy break up with a girl because her dad's a Yankees fan.
– Tupper've called home in between every period during high school to check the score of a Red Sox day game.
– Ethan have to go to work at 10 pm, the Sox are down 6-1 in the 7th, and before you leave the last thing you do is put on the VCR, "just in case". (To your delight, the Sox do it! A miracle comeback against Wetteland in the 9th, and now you have it on tape forever!)
– Jeff Lesser listened to the '86 World Series with headphones during a wedding.
– Mike LeFrancois
       ...your whole family wore all Red Sox apparel to a Florida Marlins vs. Montreal Expos game and only cheered when the Red Sox were winning on the scoreboard.
– Ethan stay up late to watch a west coast game on TV, then watch the re-broadcast an hour later.
– Phil B.

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