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You Might Be a Diehard If... sit on your couch for 4 hours pressing re-dial when the phone lines are busy for Opening Day tickets.
– Mike make yourself and your girlfriend eat at the same restaurant every night of a Florida vacation because it's in the hotel the Sox are staying for Spring Training. (I recommend the swordfish.)
– Mark stayed up for that 19-inning game and woke your parents up to tell them that they lost.
– Brianna've gone out of your way to get Sean McDonough's autograph, and display it proudly.
– Mark
       ...the first gifts you give friends' newborns are Red Sox related.
– Mike
       ...after losing Game 6 in '86, you trashed your room, including busting a chair (which I stubbornly kept throughout college), and spraying your baseball cards all over the floor (which stayed on the floor until the holidays). And P.S., I just passed my 30th Sox hat - and counting !!!
– Jon Ott were in the stands for a Sox-Yankees game instead of attending your graduation ceremonies at UMass.
– Mark scream at your mom for buying Skippy Peanut Butter (C'mon, it had Jeter on the front - what do you expect a diehard to do?)
– Jess wore a Pedro shirt, Red Sox sweatshirt, and Red Sox hat to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium that got rained out.
– Jhdaskin glare really hard at anyone walking by wearing a Yankees hat.
– Sean Sousa drive 600 miles to spend the first night of your honeymoon on the right field roof watching the Red Sox lose on a cold, wet night in September 1992, and you stay until the end.
– Keith McIntosh refused to allow an apprentice to enter the classroom until he took his Yankee hat OUT of the building!
– Ralph hooked a wire from your stereo to the plumbing in your dorm to pick up Sox games on WTIC, Hartford while at college in Ithaca, NY.
– Ian MacKellar've actually defended Ed Sprague.

..."See this Gold's Gym, son? That's where Dante Bichette met his wife!" blamed Ron Kulpa for getting his head in the way of Carl Everett's nose.

...every year on the anniversary of Game 6 of the '86 World Series, your family and friends send you sympathy cards. celebrate Rico Brogna's birthday.'ve actually written BoSox haikus and sent them to Sean and Jerry.

...for your college thesis, you wrote about Ted Williams's book on hitting.

...when the scalpers outside Fenway want more cash than you have, you cast a cold, appraising eye on your first-born male child. write 20 outrageous "You might be a diehard if... " contributions... and they're all true...

– Robert Crawford
       ...for Christmas this year, your husband gets you a new Red Sox hat and new away jersey, and you are so honestly happy 'cause this is the BEST XMAS PRESENT EVER! (Last year he got you a diamond necklace.)
– Deb can't even watch films about prisons because of all the damn pinstripes!
– Mark S.'ve sat in your car 300 miles from Fenway because it was the only radio you could somewhat hear the game on.
– Mike've driven to Chicago to watch the Red Sox and even though the Red Sox lost, you cannot wait to do it again next year.
– John don't live in Boston and tape rare Sox games on TV, even if Pat Rapp is the starting pitcher and they are playing the Twins.
– James Bouffard
       ...your best man (brother) gives a wedding toast, and somehow relates Pedro into the speech and then takes his tux shirt off and is wearing a Pedro T-shirt.
– John Leary stood in front of the TV, bat in hand trying to hit a home run with Yaz to win the game.
– Keith still have the newspaper clippings you saved when you were 7 years old and the Sox were in the 1975 World Series.
– Mike go to a Sox playoff game instead of your brother's wedding rehearsal dinner.
– Bill Silverman visit a friend in Texas in September and go to a Rangers-Twins game and you root and cheer for the Twins because the Sox are ONLY 14 games up on Texas in the wild card.
– Doug LaCamera still tell tales of the greatness of Rac Slider.
– Tony go to and find the "Prayer of the Sox Fan" and recite it every night.
– Roger Ortiz go to work or school and have pictures of the Red Sox on your binder, desk, locker, or office.
– Connor've ever dated anyone for the sole reason that they had season tickets.
– Mark
       ...instead of watching the Super Bowl, you tuned in to NESN to "watch" a Fan Attic replay of a Red Sox game from 1989, even though the picture was scrambled because you don't want to pay extra for NESN during the offseason.
– Kristen Cornette attended the 22-1 Yankee drubbing in May but still proudly display the ticket stub on your dorm room door at college.
– Scott've ever broken the hanging light in your kitchen cheering for a Troy O'Leary home run.
– Katie shaved your head to look like Kevin Millar and the rest of the Red Sox during the playoffs.
– Cody
       ...your dog's name is Fenway.
– Shawn Julian snuck into the bleachers after the second inning of the second game of a doubleheader to watch a Sox team with a manager named Pinky and a shortstop named Pumpsie.
– John Curran're on vacation in Orlando with your uncle and his family. That night the Sox are starting a series with the D-Rays, and the first words out of your mouth are not "Hello" and not "Good to see you for the first time in 3 years", it is "Do you want to drive an hour and a half to see the Sox play the D-Rays?" So we went to see two games that series and saw Pedro pitch.
– Guerin Miller define the word "hate" by the way you feel about the Yankees.
– Dave Cowan imitated Phil Plantier's batting stance while playing high school ball.
– Lawrence Callaghan were at the Pats game during Game 4 of the ALDS and cheered when Troy Brown's touchdown was called back because it happened at the same time as a Red Sox home run.
– Pete spent six weeks of your summer job building a scale model of Fenway Park with a group of 16-year-olds... and you couldn't believe how lucky you were to get paid to do it!
– Jenn've ever had a dream about working in a supermarket with Pedro Martínez which also involved him stealing your new flip-flops and doing free-style walking tricks all over the store in them. I've had this dream, sad but true..
– Martin broke your friends big screen TV because you threw a shoe at it when Aaron Boone ripped your heart out of your chest (and Tim McCarver smiled!) ... then cried together not because the TV was broken but because you were sure that the Sox were going to the World Series.
– Pat travel over 500 miles after work on Friday and sleep in your car to watch the Red Sox split with the Royals at Kauffman stadium.
– Tony Cassetta use the same bathroom stall in your dorm (at Northeastern University - used to be home of Huntington Grounds) because when the light hits the stall door just right you can see that someone carved "NY Sucks" on it. If the stall is not available, you come back in a few minutes.
– Jess save a week's vacation every year for October... just in case the Sox make the series.
– Donovan brainwashed your son to the point that at age 6 he named his room Nomar.
– Sean Graham were a fence judge at a horse show, and were stationed in the woods. Being the only one with a radio, it became your responsibility to broadcast every play to everyone within a mile in between horses.
– Emmy

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