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You Might Be a Diehard If... still have the Yaz and Jimmy Rice bats from Bat Day at Pawtucket in 1974.
– Tony McCoy listen to songs like BINGO and change the BINGO to NOMAR or PEDRO or MANNY.
– Connor pick Troy O'Leary over Bernie Williams in your fantasy leagues.
– Rich jibe Rangers fans (in Texas, where concealed weapons are LEGAL!!) about overpaying for a second-rate shortstop.
– Joe Laskowski want to open a Red Sox themed restaurant so that you can do things like serve tapioca pudding and rename it "Tomo Ohka Pudding".
– Michael Corbett stood outside at 5 a.m. in the freezing cold in the middle on January at Fenway just to get a couple of autographs during the Red Sox Caravan, without even knowing which players would show up!
– Tanya bought a Puffy Finger from another fan for $20 after they were all sold out.
– Lauren bought season tickets... and you live in San Francisco!
– Sven Robinson drive 200 miles to a doubleheader and refuse to leave the park until the groundskeeper gives you some dirt from the picther's mound. (Yes, I got it!)
– Willy remember the 1946 Series against the Cards even though you wouldn't be born for forty years.
– Rob
       ...your first autographs were Joe Sambito and Jeff Sellers (in '86). I was 7, and they still hang proudly!
– Mike start to chant "Yankees Suck" in another country! (Cancun on Spring Break because some kid is wearing a Yankee T-Shirt, and somehow it caught on and lots of people started doing it!)
– Dan look up to Jimmy Piersall as a personal hero.
– Rob and six of your friends drive 1500 miles and 27 hours straight from Boston to Ft. Myers to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees in spring training.
– Beck search different department stores in New York for a Red Sox hat to wear to a NIT semifinal game, because you forgot yours in your dorm room.
– Rob've watched batting practice from Lansdowne St. because you didn't have tickets.
– Chris move to Naples, FL, when you retire just so you can be 20 min. from Red Sox Spring Training. My dad did it.
– Dan've ever broken a finger high-fiving a stranger in the Cask after a game.
– Chris S. fought through a crowd of people to get Wendell Kim's autograph.
– Mike Sheehan brought tears to your eyes when Manny hit his game-winning 2-RBI single in the first meeting between the Sox and the Yankees in 2001.
– Bena recited the entire 1986 roster by position to the dentist, while unconscious and having your wisdom teeth pulled!
– Chris Vandette wore the same socks, underwear, pants, and shirt (without washing them) and ate the same lunch - two fried eggs on English muffins with mayo and cheese - for the final three games of the '99 ALDS vs. Cleveland.
– Tony V. go to a Native American sweat lodge and when asked if there are any special prayers you speak up asking those in the lodge to pray for Nomar's wrist to be fully healed and for the Red Sox to win the World Series. Then add a special prayer of your own that the pitching staff doesn't fall apart after Pedro... Two days later Hideo threw the no-hitter. I'll keep praying!!!!!!
– The Tulsa Leprakan a twelve year old in 1946, you came home from school and ended up in a pool of tears as Enos Slaughter scored the winning run.
– Charlie Itchkawitz go to a bachelor party and spend most of the night watching the TV instead of the strippers because Pedro is striking out 16 Braves.
– Patrick can still name the entire roster of the 1967 "Impossible Dream" team.
– John C.
       ...your wiffle ball field has a Green Monster.
– Kevin Keenan got on an early flight back from homecoming in Atlanta to catch Game 4 of the '99 ALDS against Cleveland (Bos. 23, Cleve. 7). Took the T from Logan right to Fenway, scalped a ticket, and then waited outside the bleachers for your friends that you knew would show so that you could catch a ride home, all while carrying your luggage.
– Brett read the Red Sox Schedule and write down off days or days that they are playing on the West Coast, post it on your fridge, and plan your summer accordingly. (It has been difficult for my friends and family to accept this, but too bad. I live for baseball and the Red Sox.)
– Delehanty've watched numerous replays of Buckner in 1986, hoping that if you watch it enough times, he'll finally catch the ball. Note - it hasn't worked yet.
– Jamie schedule your 2nd week of vacation for late October because "This is the year." Oh, and it was March when you scheduled it.
– Sox fan in NY sat in the back row at your uncle's wedding because you had to watch Pedro crush Roger in the '99 ALCS on the little TV you had brought.
– Caidid counted the days until you could bring home the 5-foot cardboard cutout of Pedro last summer when he was featured on the front of a baseball video game. And now he stands proudly in the guest room for all to admire.
– Jerusha watch every single game on "ESPN Gamecast" because it's the only way to get the game, then blast "Dirty Water" throughout your Long Island dorm when they win.
– Jim
       ...your 4-year-old son can not only say Nomar Garciaparra, but can also spell it!
– Chris O'Neal
       ...Jerry Remy and Pete Schourek's NASCAR predictions make you want to actually watch just to see if they're right.
– Nathan
       ...between April and October you plan no family activities, attend no family functions, watch no other favorite TV shows, or participate in any other outside activities if there is a Sox game on - no question about it! And don't bother calling our house when the Sox are on - forget about it!
– Nancy B.
       ...your criteria in choosing a college is driving distance to Fenway Park.
– Michael D.'ve taken a ceramics class as an elective just to make a Red Sox bobbing head doll.
– Jeff C. repeatedly correct the bigshots at ESPN when they incorrectly state Mo Vaughn's batting average because you have the Red Sox stats memorized for the past 5 years.
– Tyler make everyone on your floor of your BU dorm be quiet during Sox games because you can hear the roar of the crowd during home runs if it's quiet enough.
– Nate S. skip school and drive 100 miles to Fenway to watch a double-header and the Sox lose both but you still try for tickets the next day!
– Patrick and your Dad were crying on opposites ends of the phone, 450 miles apart, after the ball went between Buckner's legs...
– Gary have stayed up all night to construct a fool-proof argument as to why Ted Williams should have won the MVP in '41 instead of Joe DiMaggio.
– Nate S.
       ...after the game 6 loss in the '86 World Series you risked life and limb screaming "Sox in Seven!" at a whole frat house full of drunken Mets fans in Troy, NY. They were screaming "Mets are Huge!" and no, I didn't rush with those bums.
– Mike from Waltham
       ...your last name is Dewey, so naturally you were called Dewey Evans throughout your childhood.
– Mike live in Yankee country, yet still endure the comments and criticism as you wear your sox hat, t-shirt, and "genuine" Mike Greenwell "gator-glasses" that you bought from the Fenway streets on one of your annual hikes to Beantown.
– Chris are still keeping Sam Horn's rookie card because it might be worth something someday.
– Bernie Bernhardt notice Sox GM Dan Duquette at your place of work, and although you are not supposed to acknowledge "famous" guests, you do so anyway by giving him the thumbs up, subsequently risking reprimand, which you couldn't care less about, because now you feel as if you have somehow communicated with the Duke and the Sox themselves on a higher level.
– soxfreak find yourself driving around central PA on most nights that the Sox are on the radio, because you can't pick up WTIC at home, but you can hear it from your car radio.
– Mark Schreiber used "Dirty Water" as your wedding song.
– Tony did not watch one pitch of the subway series.
– John Hoffman have the number 9 in your e-mail address; you're wearing the same mid-1940s replica Red Sox hat for as long as Ted Williams is in the hospital; and you live a half mile from Ted's boyhood home in San Diego and you drive by it every day just to say a prayer for the Splendid Splinter.
– Mike Strongylos made a bow tie out of your Red Sox boxers to wear on your wedding day.
– Joe Crowley bought plane tickets to come home making sure you have just enough time to get to Fenway on Easter even though you didn't have tickets yet.
– S.P. skip school to fly from Boston to Phoenix to catch the final two games of spring training, even though you have a big test.
– Tase get fired after refusing to wait on an old lady wearing a Yankees hat.
– Matt
       ...the first thing you ask a new co-worker from Connecticut is "Are you a Sox fan?" and when you find out he likes the Yankees you tell him he should move to New York where he belongs.
– Jill taped the Spring Training report when Nomar spoke from 6 different channels even though it was basically the same thing on all the channels.
– Josely took your shirt off and did the worm during a dance contest for Red Sox Tickets AND WON!
– Mick wore a Dwight Evans jersey to a double header at Yankee Stadium when you were 14 (and your mother was with you and insisted you keep your jacket on).
– Steve make cookies that look like your favorite player and give them to him.
– Brian Daubach Fan Club
       ...the first word you ever learned how to read was the capitalized BOSTON in the AL East standings when you were 4.
– Brett've ever gone to the Red Sox amateur tryouts, designed for ages 18+, but you went when you were 16, and while people wore legion uniforms, you showed up with blue swishy pants and red shorts over them. While some people were honestly vying for a spot, you were excited to meet Buzz, a dude who once was a coach with the ballclub.
– Mick go to school in NY, but still wear your Red Sox shirts to school proudly (and try to avoid getting stuffed in a locker).
– Denise dressed up as Tim Naehring for Halloween when you were in kindergarten.
– Brett stay up during the offseason and watch games over and over on NESN hoping Pedro finally gets his no-hitter.
– Jeffrey

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