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You Might Be a Diehard If... work overtime so that you can keep listening to the game on the internet...... every day!
– Steve can't say "Bucky" and "Dent" without a "Bleeping" in between.
– Maria've ever called everyone you knew long distance while watching the Sox play the D-backs in Phoenix when it's 12:30 a.m. in New England to tell them all you finally got Nomar's autograph whether you realize (or care) you're waking them up or not!
– Tase keep a "Wally the Beanbag Buddy" in your suit pocket for luck when there's a day game and you're at work and can't watch.
– Melissa
       ...your not smart enough to be a yankee fan!
       [Editor's note: You might be a Yankee fan if... you're not smart enough to spell third grade words!   Normally I wouldn't print ones like this, but it proves our point so well!] live in NY and have fought a bartender because he refused to tune the game in on the satellite dish.
– T.J. Martin go to your job (in an elegant office) wearing a Red Sox cap in a soccer-loving country like Argentina.
– Ruy G. Pinto Schaffroth do like Nomar's parents did, spelling the father's name backwards. My son will be Mada.
– Adam live in NYY territory, and went to school with everything Red Sox (including your socks) after the Sox swept the Yanks in 3 at NY!!! It was a good thing I was the biggest kid in the class!
– Rick've ever listened to a Walkman during your graduation because the damn Yankees were in town.
– Pete
       ...You're at a friend's house and he decides "Hey, let's go to a game next month! John, you wouldn't happen to know the number to order tickets off the top of your head, would you?" and you reply "Sure, it's 1-617-482-4769. Then you have to press 1, then enter your 10 digit phone number, then 1 again, then your 5 digit zip, then 1 again, then your credit card number (followed by the pound sign), then your 2 digit expiration month, then your 2 digit expiration year, then 1 again, then enter 1 for selecting a game by date, then the 2 digit month, then the 2 digit year."
– John Maranzana (No, not Marzano!) sat at the computer watching the play by play on AOL scoreboard for over 5 hours (the 19 inning game against Seattle).
– Anne turn the TV off and then back on to break the bad-luck jinx during a game.
– Neil sit outside the players parking lot after a game in the blistering cold, with little kids climbing all over you, just to get ONE tiny glance between tiny holes in the canvas at your favorite player (or you may even settle for Wendell Kim) and you REFUSE to leave until every player has left.
– Cat skip college classes at your school in North Carolina to listen to the radio broadcast over the internet during all day games, and also kick anyone wearing any Yankees apparel out of your parties.
– Craig Dubuc have autographs of Tom Brunansky and Bob Stanley ON THE SAME GLOVE!
– Shimmy wake up every morning during baseball season and rub the Red Sox hat that sits on your shower head for luck.
– Joey Haggerty've figured out a way to have Barry Bonds and Griffey, Jr. in the same outfield while only having to give up Andy Sheets and Arquimedez Pozo in return.
– Jayrone've taped the episode of Saturday Night Live that Nomar Garciaparra was on.
– Catmando33 rip the ball out of Charlie Hough's hand while he is signing your autograph, when your 8 year old eyes finally discover that he is not on the Red Sox.
– Shimmy
       ...your Swedish exchange student doesn't quite know the rules of baseball, but knows ALL about the Curse!
– Elena called the Tampa Bay Devil Rays front office complaining about their team's behavior during the bean ball game when Pedro pitched a one-hitter this year.
– Matt Walsh ever gave up getting presents from both your parents for 2 birthdays and Christmases just to go to Fenway before they build a new one, and to see Nomar of course and the other players as well!!
– Karla snuck Mo Vaughn an Italian sausage during batting practice.
– Evan O'Neill live in New York, buy tickets to every Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium, wear full Pedro gear to the game, cheer for every batter and every play... risking ridicule, dismemberment and possible death for the team (being a woman doesn't soften the blows).
– Jennifer've ever sent fan mail to Kevin Morton.
– Ron seriously considered changing your wedding date when you discovered it coincided with what would have been Game 7 of the 1999 ALCS.
– Gregory Lynn've written songs to karaoke tapes about the Sox.....three of them.
– Dee watched a Sox game on ESPN Gamecast at 3 am Germany time because you couldn't get the game any other way!! I did that for all of April of 2000 during a college project there!
– Fernando
       ...the champagne that was uncorked with 2 outs in the 9th in the 6th game of the '86 Series has been re-corked and sits in the refrigerator until the "next" time.
– Chris drove 20 hours all night to see them in Chicago and then traveled all night back from Detroit to see them again in Boston on the same trip.
– Lorraine Papazian've tatooed the Bosox "B" on your back so everyone can see it when you wear a tank top or formalwear.
– Patti've refused to listen to "We Are the Champions" by Queen for the past 3 years and you won't until the Sox win the World Series.
– Pete run back and forth several times at games to see the players drive in and then run down the street to lay under the fence with a bunch of kids to try to get autographs and a glimpse.
– Kelly've either bought obstructed view seats for a meaningless Saturday Royals game from a scalper or put on face paint at Yankee Stadium when Pedro beat Roger that stung your face all night.
– Nick instructed your children to spread your ashes into the outfield at Fenway Park when you die.
– Maya go to Anaheim and yell at Bill Buckner for nine innings because you can't forgive him for 1986 even though the Angels were playing the Tigers and Red Sox were 3000 miles away in Boston.
– Lorraine Papazian refuse to buy food at Faneuil Hall from people wearing Yankees hats, and tell them so.
– Paul paid $45 for standing room tickets in September to see the Sox get one-hit by Roger Clemens.
– Sam watch the game on NESN, watch the replay right after, then watch the replay the next morning.
– Marc have traveled from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to watch the Sox play a game against a meaningless team, the Royals in this case.
– Daniel Newland
       ...people buy you anything with words "Red Sox" on it, and you like it. I have a Red Sox Troll, and Red Sox earrings, though my ears remain hole-less!
– Lauren is established that you are the only Red Sox fan in the state of Nebraska.
– Smo traveled to Fenway to watch the Sox lose to Oakland in '88 and '90 ALCS when you live 75 miles from Oakland.
– Mark woke up your parents to tell them the Sox got Manny!
– Chris C. snuck into Fenway Park at 3:30 a.m. and sat in the dugout and walked out to the pitcher's mound and went to the plate and pretended to be Fisk waving the homer fair. Took pictures up against the wall, center field, the dugout, and have perfect pictures to prove it!
– Ken Bloch, Jr. carried a world band radio around with you for 20 years while stationed overseas so you could listen to every Sox game carried by Armed Forces Radio Stations, with most first pitches between midnight and 4 am local.
– Tim've ever been kicked out of class for getting in an argument with your teacher about how much better Pedro is than Roger while refusing to remove your Red Sox cap... in a school where caps aren't allowed.
– Kwame decided you wanted to go to college near or in Boston so you can get a job at the park or see a game anytime you wanted.
– Jess dressed as Bill Buckner for Halloween, when you were 4 (in 1987) becuase he was your favorite, and didn't really understand the meaning of a World Series YET!!
– Walter got your picture in the Herald in the '99 ALCS for having a sign and having your face painted.
– Mike Riley gave Wally the Beanbag Buddy his own seat during a game!!!
– Mike Riley have a countdown to the first day of spring training in your room.
– Mike Riley traveled from Dublin in Ireland to watch them!! And I stay up all night on the internet listening to Red Sox games usually till about 4 am European time.
– Andrew McGowan postponed your wedding date in the summer of 1978 when the Sox had a double-digit lead over the Yankees and the thought of being away on a honeymoon when the Sox were in the Series was more than you could bear!! There is Love and then there is the "Fenway Faithful." P.S. As everyone knows the Sox didn't make it but we have...for 22 years!!
– Art DeLucia've refused to attend a wedding because the groom said "1918" to you while in an argument about the Red Sox and the Yankees.
– Kwame made six-foot tall letters spelling out FREE PEDRO and hung them in the windows of your office building so that everyone driving into Boston on the Pike would know exactly how you felt about his suspension for the "bean-ball" game in Cleveland.
– Frank bring a radio with you when you go golfing and drive slowly so the hum of the engine of the cart doesn't drown out the game.
– Mike sat through the entire 18-0 1990 Patriots Day loss to Milwaukee, despite the urge to go watch the marathon.
– Bill Walsh spent the last hour reading every one of these diehard messages.
– Matt

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