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You Might Be a Diehard If...

       ...your first question upon waking up from gall bladder surgery was "Did we win?"
– Amylea haven't been to a baseball game without wearing a Sox jersey since you were 4 years old, and you live in LA.
– Baldi change convoy times in Iraq so you can be back at the base in time to watch the Sox on
– Anonymous Army Convoy Commander show up four hours early to a Red Sox game hoping for a tour of Fenway, and are ecstatic about taking a picture of Big Papi's car and seeing Kevin Millar work out in the weight room.
– Amanda refused to let your two-day-old daughter leave the hospital wearing anything but the Red Sox onesie two sizes too big for her.
– Tom hit your head on the ceiling jumping out of a rocking chair when Henderson homered.
– Jackson Jones live in northern New England and drive to the top of a mountain or a high elevation to listen to a Red Sox game on the radio in your car.
– Joe Keimig
       ...after checking the spring training schedule with your cat Fenway, you find out the Red Sox will be playing the Devils Rays when you are on vacation in St. Pete, and you wake up your wife (who is a Mets fan) at 5:30 am on Saturday because you can't control your excitement.
– Nick H. even gear your dog up in Red Sox attire - bandana, leash, and fuzzy bat toy that chants "LET'S GO RED SOX!"
– Anna wear shorts from Opening Day until the Sox stop playing for the season because it's still summer as long as the Red Sox are still playing.
– Brian missed a college exam to fly from Tennessee to Boston to catch game 2 of the '05 season-ending series and end up being on a plane for both wins and two rows from the scoreboard in the outfield for the loss, but who cares - the Sox made the playoffs!!!
– Brad M. are stationed in the Middle East and the first thing you ask your wife on your one phone call every two weeks are the scores from the games you missed.
– Tom caught like Tony Pena in little league.
– John own the New York state vanity license plate REDSOX04 and actually had it on your car in 2003 and 2004 and replaced it with THANXSOX in late '04 after the Sox won the Series, because you have always believed.
– Jeannie've skipped school to see the Sox play an exhibition game in Phoenix. (Hey I don't remember what I was supposed to learn that day, but I'll never forget meeeting my heroes.)
– Adriana get a 2006 Red Sox schedule before the 2005 World Series is over. Who cares about the ChiSox/Astros? It's all about the Red Sox!!!
– Billy Rainsford shave off most of your long beard and dye your long gray hair to look like Johnny Damon for Halloween.
– Steve Goding drain your in-ground pool, paint a Red Sox logo in it, fill it back up, cover it, and sell your house to a Yankee fan.
– Eric Emet live in Texas, and name your cat "Nixon", even though it's a female.
– Big B. slept outside City of Palms Park in March to see if you could get standing room tickets to a sold-out spring training game.
– Patrick Whittle and your wife get matching "1918 Red Sox 2004" tattoos after the Sox won it all.
– Norm Trask
       ...the table numbers for your wedding reception are Red Sox players, their number, name, position, and tenure with the club.
– Elizabeth
       ...your little league career was adversely affected because you wanted to hit and field like Fred Lynn, of which you could do none.
– Dave Butler a church wedding packed with Yankee fans you go to the front of the church to lead the Prayers of the Faithful, and your first petition is "Heavenly Father, let the Red Sox win the World Series this year", and make all the Yankee fans respond "Lord, hear our prayer", and the Sox won the '04 World Series two months later!
– Patrick Murray thought is was cool that you were at A-Rod's first ever major league game until he got traded to the Yankees, and now you realize the best thing about that game was John Valentin's unassisted triple play, and you happily refer to A-Rod's struggles with the Yankees as "The Curse of John Valentin".
– Josh blow off numerous dates because you have to watch a regular season Sox game against Tampa Bay.
– Andrew C. used the outside of the Green Monster as your pillow to camp out the night before the 2005 home opener (vs. the Yankees) and ring ceremony, with no guarantee that there would even BE tickets available. That was the best night's sleep I never got, and the best day ever.
– Christy
       ...your 1-year-old stands in front of the TV, dressed in his David Ortiz uniform and Red Sox cap, yelling "Papi!" when he sees his favorite Sox player.
– Johanna B. go to school in Utah, and you left work at 11:00 am to drive 7 hours to Denver to see the first pitch of a Rockies/Red Sox game and then when it was over piled back in the car and drove back to Utah just in time to go to work at 7 am the next day. 17 hours roundtrip, no sleep.
– James Davis ran on a treadmill at the gym an extra HOUR beyond your 90 minute workout (already exhausted, but didn't DARE get off the treadmill in fear of "jinxing" the game) during the Red Sox/Yankees playoff game to wait for David Ortiz to win the game with a home run after playing for 4 hours and 55 minutes. WHEW!
– August've met Tony Fossas in a donut shop and were unable to speak because you were in awe of the great lefty relief specialist.
– John Reilly
       ...your roommate has stopped asking if you will change the channel during commercials so she can watch part of "Sex and the City" because she knows it's never going to happen. (She got her own TV for a while, then gave up when I was yelling at the TV too much and started watching the games too.)
– Stephanie pick Kevin Youkilis as your first pick in a fantasy baseball league.
– Fran are supposed to to be doing school work that you really need to get done, but sit here for two hours reading this.
– Katie Mazzeo work the night shift as a nurse (in North Carolina), have to work the night of Game 4 of the World Series, can't get anyone to switch nights with you, so you wear your Red Sox shirt under your scrubs, refuse to look at a TV or listen to the radio, avoid answering any cell phone calls, and have your husband tape the game so you can watch it in the morning after you finish a twelve hour shift.
– Heather
       ...depsite Living in London you stay up every night until 3 am for East Coast games and 6 am for West Coast games.
– Frankie Boothby cried when Nick Esasky came down with vertigo and retired.
– Atlanta Dan've been kicked out of the Cask 'n Flagon for getting into a fight with another patron over Mark Bellhorn's strikeouts vs. on-base percentage.
– Lydia pick the history of the Red Sox every year your English teacher assigns you a term paper.
– Bryan
       ...your company is testing a new security product and they need to make up some sample names and userids to test with. You convince them to use Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, etc., but then are mad when you see they guessed at their middle initials without asking you for the correct ones!
– Kristen Cornette
       ...when people ask where you are from, you say "Red Sox Nation".
– Jess

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