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The National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, NY

The Great American Home Run Chase In 1999 and 2000, the rotunda off the gallery housed a display on the home run chase of 1998. It seemed to contain every artifact ever touched by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in their historic season. Posters on the walls recounted stories of home run races of previous years, home run leaders before Babe Ruth, the longest and shortest home runs, and unusual home run feats. There was the story of the shortest home run, which was hit right in front of the plate on a rainy day, and was lost in the mud while the hitter circled the bases. The ball was finally discovered - two feet from home plate. There was also the story of Rick Wise, who once hit two homers in a game - while pitching a no-hitter. There was even a display on the fans who caught that year's McGwire and Sosa home run balls and gave them back to the players.

A display case in the center held the entire uniform Mark McGwire wore the night he hit his 62nd home run, as well as the uniform of his son Matt, who was a batboy that night. The picture below shows Big Mac's shoes from the night of his 62nd homer and the glove Carl Pavano wore when he surrendered McGwire's 70th home run. Red Sox fans will remember Pavano as the prospect traded to Montreal to acquire Pedro Martinez.

McGwire's historic shoes and Pavano's historic glove

The next part of the tour took us past displays on photographers, announcers, and journalists, to the Records Room. On display at the entrance is the uniform the members of the Boston Braves presented to the Jimmy Fund's original "Jimmy" in 1948. Inside the room is a display on baseball's longest games. The longest game in professional baseball history was played in 1982, the Red Sox AAA-affiliate Pawtucket vs. the Orioles' affiliate Rochester. The game started one evening in April, and was suspended 8 and a half hours later at 4:07 am, tied 2-2 after 32 innings. The game was resumed in June, and Pawtucket won in the bottom of the 33rd. Wade Boggs, Marty Barrett, and Rich Gedman all played for Pawtucket, with Cal Ripken, Jr., and Mike Boddicker on the Rochester team.

Baseball's Longest Games

The Records Room also contained a display of all the no-hitters pitched. I was surprised to see Matt Young's no-hit game listed. In 1992, he pitched all 8 innings of the game without giving up a hit - but he did surrender 2 unearned runs as the Red Sox lost, 2-1. Since it was an away game for the Sox and the home team led, there was no bottom of the ninth. It doesn't count it as an official no-hitter, since it wasn't nine innings, but there he is in the Hall of Fame!

Pedro and Ramon In 1995, Pedro Martinez threw 9 perfect innnings against the Houston Astros. Unfortunately his Montreal Expos were not able to score, and he gave up a hit in the tenth inning, before eventually winning the game. While again not technically a no-hitter, his nine no-hit innings landed him in this display. A month later, Pedro's brother Ramon pitched a real no-hitter for the Dodgers against the Marlins.

Matt Young's no-hitter

The Cy Young, M.V.P., Triple Crown, and Rookie of the Year awards are also displayed, with each year's winners listed. Leader boards are updated weekly with all-time and active career leaders in several statistical categories.

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