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The National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, NY

The 1912 Red Sox This display case in the section called "The Game" honors the 1912 World Champion Red Sox. The jersey on the left and the glove in front of it were worn by Harry Hooper, and one of his bats is in the foreground. The other bat is a Tris Speaker model. The uniform on the right was Everett Scott's road uniform in 1917.

This display houses many pictures and memorabilia from the 22-year career of Denton True "Cy" Young. Among the artifacts are a jersey and his Ohio license plate from 1954 (reading C-511-Y) which commemorates his record 511 career wins. Cy Young display

Babe Ruth's Red Sox Years In the Babe Ruth Room, one section is dedicated to his years with the Red Sox. Babe's first full year with the Sox was 1915. He was terrible in his first appearance but did well a few days later as a relief pitcher. Eventually, manager Bill Carrigan let him into the rotation. His first start was a 4-3, 13-inning loss to the Yankees, but he hit the first of his 714 career home runs. He went 18-8 that year as the Red Sox won the World Series. Overall, he won 89 games, hit 49 homers, and pitched 29 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings in the World Series for the Red Sox.

The display on the left contains his contract with the Red Sox for the 1916-17 seasons. The one on the right has the bat Ruth used in 1918.

The Red Sox were also featured in a display on the 1967 Impossible Dream team, and there was a nice display on Ted Williams along the way. Besides the bats and balls, there were pictures of the "Williams Shift" and Ted as a Marine. There was also a display of colored baseballs labeled with what Ted thinks his average would have been if every pitch was thrown in that spot.

Ted Williams display  Ted's batting average diagram

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