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The National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, NY

In 2005, the National Baseball Hall of Fame featured a large display commemorating the Red Sox' victory in the 2004 World Series.

Hall of Fame 2004 display

Left side: Pedro Martinez's hat, worn in Game 3 of the World Series; Johnny Damon's bat, used to hit a leadoff homer in Game 4 of the World Series; Manny Ramirez's bat, with which he hit .412 in the World Series and was named MVP; Curt Schilling's bloody sock from Game 2 of the World Series; "Believe" poster; official World Series program.

Center: Orlando Cabrera's glove, worn as he played an errorless postseason at shortstop; Brigham's "Reverse the Curse" ice cream container (the flavor debuted in 2004, but its name was changed to "Curse Reversed" after the season); David Ortiz's home uniform jersey, worn during his three postseason walk-off hits; "2004 World Champs" poster.

Right side: Boston Herald front cover; ticket to Game 4 of the World Series; copy of the promisory note selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees; commemorative pins; dirt from the pitcher's mound in Busch Stadium; Derek Lowe's road jersey, worn in the clinching game of the World Series; Keith Foulke's spikes, worn as he recorded the final out; Boston Globe front page.

Orlando Cabrera's glove Big Papi's jersey
Orlando Cabrera's glove Big Papi's postseason home jersey

Pedro Martinez's hat The bloody sock Keith Foulke's spikes
Pedro Martinez's Game 3 hat Curt Schilling's bloody sock Keith Foulke's spikes

Derek Lowe's jersey Manny Ramirez's bat
Derek Lowe's road jersey Manny Ramirez's World Series bat

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