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The National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, NY

Also on display are the previous year's Cy Young, M.V.P., Gold Glove, and Batting Title winners. In 2000, the display honored 1999 Cy Young winner Pedro Martinez, and batting champion Nomar Garciaparra. (And note, the Gold Glove is actually a gold glove!)

The Silver Bat The Cy Young Award

Red Sox locker One of the highlights in 2005 was the section on Today's Game, with a locker for each team containing memorabilia from recent years. The Red Sox display had the bat Johnny Damon used when he had a single, a double, and a triple in the same inning in a 2003 game against the Marlins; the two bats used by Bill Mueller when he hit grand slams from both sides of the plate in Texas in 2003; Roger Clemens' hat and Bill Haselman's glove from Roger's second 20-K game in 1996; the bat Mike Greenwell used in a 1996 game in which he drove in all nine runs in an extra-inning 9-8 Red Sox win; Pedro Martinez's uniform jersey from the 1999 All-Star Game; and the spikes Derek Lowe wore for his no-hitter in 2002.

The last picture shows a giant 11-foot-long bat, which was made from a telephone pole and presented to Ted Williams by the citizens of Gardner, Massachusetts.

Ted's big bat

National Baseball Hall of Fame There are so many fascinating things to see in the Hall of Fame, and it's only a little over four hours' drive from Boston. Every baseball fan needs to make the trip to Cooperstown at least once! For more info on the Hall of Fame, visit the Hall's official website at

One tip if you go: If you buy your admission ticket within two hours of closing, you can use it again the following day without re-paying. I like to do this, because it breaks up the visit, and there are usually less people there in the evening. You can also leave the museum and return the same day, so you can visit Doubleday Field or the gift shops, memorabilia stores, and restaurants in downtown Cooperstown.

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