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The 2004 Boston Red Sox
are World Champions!

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The Players

From Density to Destiny
A page for every one of the self-professed "bunch of idiots" who made our dreams come true

The Rest of the Best
Everyone else who played a part

Architects of a Dream
The manager, coaches, staff, and owners

The Celebration

The Rolling Rally
3.2 million celebrate at the victory parade

The Regular Season

Day-by-day Game Results

2004: Diary of a Season
A diehard fan's journey through the historic season

Postseason Box Scores and Game Recaps

Division Series vs. Anaheim
Game 1:  Box | Recap
Game 2:  Box | Recap
Game 3:  Box | Recap

ALCS vs. New York
Game 1:  Box | Recap
Game 2:  Box | Recap
Game 3:  Box | Recap
Game 4:  Box | Recap
Game 5:  Box | Recap
Game 6:  Box | Recap
Game 7:  Box | Recap

World Series vs. St. Louis
Game 1:  Box | Recap
Game 2:  Box | Recap
Game 3:  Box | Recap
Game 4:  Box | Recap

Commemorate the Championship

Posters and Photos
Purchase posters and 8x10 photos


World Series Collectibles
Hats, T-shirts, collectibles, videos, and more

Creative writing

Sox Passion
by Karyn Hannigan

Pony for Sale in N.C.
by Philip Wimberly

My Favorite Season
by Jackie Furlone

The Fan Experience

Don't Pinch Me
by Jeff Newell

Celebration Nation
Sox fans everywhere share their World Series stories

Red Sox Nation, you're invited to send in your anecdotes. Where were you when they won? Who did you watch the games with? What did you do to help them win? How has your life changed? Send your story, whether it's a couple of paragraphs or a couple of pages.

It's just a number now.
1918 is just a number now!

I knew I would see this. I didn't know if it was going to take 20 or 30 or 100 more years, but I knew I'd see it. Heck, I hope I live to see a second one.

-- Johnny Pesky, 85 years young

It's 4:00 am, October 28, 2004. I just won the World Series! Well, my Red Sox did, anyways, which is the same thing, right? I'm afraid to go to bed, because I might wake up and find out it's not really true.

The whole month has been pretty surreal. A sweep of the Angels that seemed too good to be true. Then three straight losses to the Yankees, in which Curt got hurt, Pedro was decent but lost anyway, and a horrible 19-8 drubbing.

I was there for that one. As a Tenth Man Plan holder, I was allowed a ticket to a Division Series game. My ticket was for Game 4, if necessary. With the sweep, it wasn't necessary, so I got to buy an ALCS ticket, which, because of a rainout, ended up being for Game 3. I went in determined to cheer as hard as I could to bring home the much needed win. Instead I witnessed one of the most painful games I've ever attended. I felt like Homer in the Simpsons episode where he tries to ski, but ends up falling down the mountain with his legs doing a split and rocks and snow hitting him on the way down. He's moaning, "This is the worst pain ever!" But David Ortiz would later say he saw the dejected looks on the fans' faces in Game 3, and used it as inspiration for the next four games.

The comeback made the ALCS one of the most dramatic and exciting series in history. In Game 4, one inning away from being swept by the Yankees, facing Mariano Rivera, Kevin Millar walked. Dave Roberts pinch-ran, stole second, and scored on Bill Mueller's single up the middle. Ortiz won it with a walk-off homer in the twelfth inning, and anything seemed possible. Later that same day, he won Game 5 with a bloop hit in the fourteenth inning, as each game topped the previous day's record for longest postseason game. It was back to New York for Game 6, and Curt Schilling's heroic "bloody sock" game. That day was Mark Bellhorn's chance to break out, as his homer proved to be the game-winner. Johnny Damon was the offensive star of Game 7, as the Sox became the first team in history to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a seven-game series.

After such a time-consuming and emotionally-draining ALCS, would they have anything left for the World Series? Big Papi didn't take long to put that question to rest, swatting a three-run homer in the first inning of Game 1, and the Sox never looked back. They went on to sweep St. Louis in four games. Red Sox pitching was so dominating that the Cardinals never had the lead in any of the games.

Very surreal indeed! Manny was the MVP, just like the commercial where he's buying sneakers and daydreaming, "The Red Sox, behind MVP Manny Ramirez, win the World Series." They actually played that commercial during the pre-game show, and it brought tears to my eyes when I thought it could really come true. Ditto with Curt's Ford commercial, originally filmed before the season started, where he's hitch-hiking to Boston because "I've got to go break an 86-year-old curse."

A 3-0 score in Game 4 was closer than I wanted, but what's a little more drama after all we've been through? Keith Foulke finished it off, and we had won! Really! I was jumping up and down and screaming, and my hands were shaking when I tried to dial the phone to celebrate with my parents over the phone.

In the coming days, this section of will contain all the box scores, game recaps, players, parade coverage, pictures, and stories of the 2004 post-season. But for now, I'm off to bed. After all, in only a couple of hours, I've got to go out and buy a newspaper, just to make sure this is true!

Swing and a ground ball, stabbed by Foulke. He has it. He underhands to first. And the Boston Red Sox are the World Champions. For the first time in 86 years, the Red Sox have won baseball's World Championship. Can you believe it?

-- Joe Castiglione, 10/27/04, 11:40 pm  

Posing with my trophy

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