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Red Sox 2004 Regular Season Results

DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
4/4 at BALL2-7 Pedro struggles in the cold Ponson P. MartinezRyan 0-1 -1.0
4/6 at BALW4-1 Schilling and Foulke shine in Sox debuts Schilling DuBose Foulke 1-1 -0.5
4/7 at BALW10-3 Offense kicks into gear Lowe Ainsworth   2-1 +0.5
4/8 at BALL2-3 (13) Bobby Jones walks in winning run in 13th R. Lopez Jones   2-2 -0.5
4/9 TOR L5-10 Sox lose home opener after late flight Speier Timlin   2-3 -1.0
4/10TOR W4-1 Ortiz and Ramirez both homer P. MartinezHalladay Foulke 3-3 0
4/11TOR W6-4 (11) Ortiz hits Easter walk-off into Monster seatsMalaska R. Lopez   4-3 0
4/15BAL L7-12 (11)Defense falters in 11th Groom Arroyo   4-4 -0.5
4/16NYY W6-2 Redemption: Wakefield wins "Game 8" Wakefield Vazquez   5-4 0
4/17NYY W5-2 Schilling dominates for 2nd win Schilling Mussina   6-4 0
4/18NYY L3-7 Lowe rusty after layoff due to rainouts Quantrill Lowe   6-5 -1.0
4/19NYY W5-4 Patriot's Day rally wins it for Sox Timlin Gordon Foulke 7-5 -0.5
4/20at TORW4-2 Pedro beats Roy Halladay again P. MartinezHalladay Foulke 8-5 -0.5
4/21at TORW4-2 Mirabelli homers twice Wakefield Lilly Foulke 9-5 +0.5
4/22at TORL3-7 Schilling gives up grand slam in 8th Adams Schilling   9-6 -0.5
4/23at NYYW11-2 Jose Contreras is no match for Sox bats Lowe Contreras   10-6 -0.5
4/24at NYYW3-2 (12) Bullpen shuts out Yankees for 6 innings Foulke Quantrill Timlin 11-6 +0.5
4/25at NYYW2-0 Pedro completes the sweep P. MartinezVazquez Williamson12-6 +1.5
4/28TB W6-0 Six runs more than enough for Schilling Schilling Abbott   13-6 +2.0
4/29TB W4-0 Third straight shutout for Sox pitching Kim Zambrano   14-6 +2.0
4/29TB W7-3 Shutout streak ends in nightcap, but Sox score 7 in
1st inning
LoweMoss 15-6+2.5
DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
5/1 at TEXL3-4 Bullpen's scoreless streak ends at 32 inningsRamirez Malaska Cordero 15-7 +3.0
5/1 at TEXL5-8 Rangers sweep double header Benoit P. MartinezCordero 15-8 +2.5
5/2 at TEXL1-4 Sox swept in Texas Dickey Wakefield Cordero 15-9 +1.5
5/3 at CLEL1-2 Jake Westbrook and Indians edge Schilling Westbrook Schilling Betancourt15-10 +1.0
5/4 at CLEL6-7 Sox lose 5th straight Davis Lowe Betancourt15-11 0
5/5 at CLEW9-5 Ortiz homers twice to stop losing streak Arroyo D'Amico   16-11 0
5/6 at CLEW5-2 Manny's homer helps Pedro win P. MartinezSabathia Foulke 17-11 +1.0
5/7 KC W7-6 Bellhorn's HR and Tek's triple win it in 9th Timlin MacDougal   18-11 +2.0
5/8 KC W9-1 Pokey has 2 HR, including one inside-the-park, and
Curt pitches complete game
SchillingGobble 19-11+2.0
5/9 KC L4-8 Lowe takes the loss May Lowe   19-12 +1.0
5/10CLE L6-10 Kim is shaky and bullpen lets it get away Durbin Kim   19-13 +0.5
5/11CLE W5-3 Pedro strikes out 11 Embree Jimenez Foulke 20-13 +0.5
5/12CLE L4-6 Sox commit three more errors Lee Wakefield   20-14 +0.5
5/13at TORL6-12 Jays score 9 runs in last 3 innings Batista Schilling   20-15 -0.5
5/14at TORW9-3 Sox get revenge with 6 runs in the 8th Embree Ligtenberg   21-15 -0.5
5/15at TORW4-0 Youkilis homers in ML debut; Arroyo pitches gemArroyo Hentgen   22-15 +0.5
5/16at TORL1-3 Halladay finally beats Pedro Halladay P. MartinezAdams 22-16 -0.5
5/18at TB W7-3 Wakefield wins one for his new son, Trevor Wakefield Hendrickson  23-16 +0.5
5/19at TB W4-1 Manny's homer leads Sox past Rays Schilling Bell Foulke 24-16 +0.5
5/20at TB L6-9 Lowe can't get out of 3rd, tagged for 7 runs Sosa Lowe Baez 24-17 -0.5
5/21TOR W11-5 Ramirez breaks tie in 8th Timlin Nakamura   25-17 +0.5
5/22TOR W5-2 Manny's homer gets the comeback started againA. MartinezLigtenberg Foulke 26-17 +1.5
5/23TOR W7-2 Wakefield scatters 7 singles Wakefield Batista   27-17 +1.5
5/25OAK W12-2 Sox get 19 hits off Tim Hudson Schilling Hudson   28-17 +1.5
5/26OAK W9-6 A's errors give Sox gift win Lowe Redman Foulke 29-17 +1.5
5/27OAK L2-15 A's get 15 runs on 19 hits Mulder Arroyo   29-18 +0.5
5/28SEA W8-4 Manny and Big Papi both homer P. MartinezPineiro   30-18 +0.5
5/29SEA L4-5 Another Manny homer isn't enough Garcia Wakefield Guardado 30-19 -0.5
5/30SEA W9-7 (12) Curt takes perfect game into 6th; Foulke blows his
1st save; Andy Dominique's 1st ML hit ties the
game; McCarty's homer in 12th wins it
A. MartinezLigtenberg 31-19+0.5
5/31BAL L4-13 Lowe gives up 7 runs; Sox lose makeup game R. Lopez Lowe   31-20 0
DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
6/1 at ANAL6-7 Vladimir Guerrero's double breaks the tie Gregg Arroyo Percival 31-21 -1.0
6/2 at ANAL7-10 Guerrero has 9 RBI; Sox bullpen blows lead Ortiz Timlin Rodriguez 31-22 -2.0
6/4 at KC L2-5 Jimmy Gobble retires 15 straight Gobble Wakefield Affeldt 31-23 -3.5
6/5 at KC W8-4 Schilling snaps Sox' skid Schilling May   32-23 -2.5
6/6 at KC W5-3 Sox rally for 5 runs in 6th Lowe Grimsley Foulke 33-23 -2.5
6/8 SD W1-0 Pedro kicks off interleague play with a gem P. MartinezOsuna Foulke 34-23 -2.5
6/9 SD L1-8 Nomar returns from injury, goes 1-for-2 Lawrence Arroyo   34-24 -3.5
6/10SD W9-3 Nomar's 2-run double sparks Sox Schilling Valdez   35-24 -3.5
6/11LA W2-1 Manny's error blows Foulke's save; Papi wins it in 9thFoulkeMartin   36-24 -2.5
6/12LA L5-14 Wakefield gets hit hard; McCarty pitches the 9thWeaver Wakefield   36-25 -3.5
6/13LA W4-1 Pokey's glovework on display P. MartinezNomo Foulke 37-25 -3.5
6/15at COLL3-6 Todd Helton and Vinny Castilla lead Rockies Kennedy Arroyo Chacon 37-26 -4.5
6/16at COLL6-7 Late rally not enough Jennings Schilling Chacon 37-27 -5.5
6/17at COLW11-0 3 hits and 5 RBI for Ortiz Lowe Cook   38-27 -4.5
6/18at SF W14-9 5 Sox homers win a wild one Timlin Williams   39-27 -3.5
6/19at SF L4-6 Edgardo Alfonzo's HR beats Sox in 8th Herges Embree   39-28 -4.5
6/20at SF L0-4 Sox get only 1 hit off Jason Schmidt Schmidt Arroyo   39-29 -4.5
6/22MIN W9-2 Nomar's grand slam highlights win Schilling Lohse   40-29 -4.5
6/23MIN L2-4 Torii Hunter homers to beat Sox Silva Lowe Nathan 40-30 -4.5
6/24MIN L3-4 (10) Twins beat Foulke in 10th Balfour Foulke Nathan 40-31 -5.5
6/25PHI W12-1 Sox score 8 in 6th; rain ends game in 8th P. MartinezAbbott   41-31 -5.0
6/26PHI L2-9 Jim Thome's 25th HR leads Phillies past Sox Madson Arroyo   41-32 -5.0
6/27PHI W12-3 Schilling wins his 10th game Schilling Myers   42-32 -5.5
6/29at NYYL3-11 Yankees take advantage of Lowe and 3 Sox errorsVazquez Lowe   42-33 -6.5
6/30at NYYL2-4 NY scores 2 in 7th and 2 in 8th to win Gordon Timlin Rivera 42-34 -7.5
DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
7/1 at NYYL4-5 (13) Sox drop heart-breaker in 13th as Yankees sweepSturtze Leskanic   42-35 -8.5
7/2 at ATLL3-6 (12) Nick Green's homer in 12th sinks Sox Cruz A. Martinez  42-36 -8.5
7/3 at ATLW6-1 Schilling's 10-K CG bails out overworked bullpenSchillingThomson   43-36 -7.5
7/4 at ATLL4-10 Lowe suffers 5th inning meltdown Hampton Lowe   43-37 -7.5
7/6 OAK W11-0 Damon has 5 hits as return to Fenway cures SoxWakefield Zito   44-37 -7.0
7/7 OAK W11-3 Ramirez, Garciaparra, and Bellhorn homer P. MartinezRedman   45-37 -6.0
7/8 OAK W8-7 (10) Mueller's game-winning double completes the sweepLeskanicLehr   46-37 -6.0
7/9 TEX W7-0 Damon hits 2 homers Arroyo Benoit   47-37 -6.0
7/10TEX W14-6 Sox have 14 runs, 21 hits, 4 homers in Fenway rompLowe Rogers   48-37 -6.0
7/11TEX L5-6 Foulke tagged with loss Shouse Foulke Cordero 48-38 -7.0
7/13AL at NL9-4A.L. gets home field advantage for World Series as Ramirez and Ortiz homer in All-Star Game win
7/15at ANAL1-8 Lowe gives up 5 in the 5th Washburn Lowe   48-39 -8.0
7/16at ANAW4-2 Nomar homers and Pedro wins 6th straight P. MartinezEscobar Foulke 49-39 -7.0
7/17at ANAL3-8 Vladimir Guerrero strikes again with homer Colon Wakefield   49-40 -8.0
7/18at ANAW6-2 Ortiz triples and homers for Schilling Schilling Lackey   50-40 -7.0
7/19at SEAL4-8 (11) Bret Boone's 11th inning grand slam beats SoxMyers Leskanic   50-41 -7.0
7/20at SEAW9-7 8-run 4th inning helps Lowe get the win Lowe Pineiro Foulke 51-41 -7.0
7/21BAL L5-10 O's score 8 runs off Pedro Bedard P. Martinez  51-42 -8.0
7/22BAL L3-8 Abe Alvarez makes his ML debut R. Lopez Alvarez   51-43 -9.0
7/22BAL W4-0 In nightcap, Sox finally beat Orioles Wakefield Borkowski   52-43 -8.5
7/23NYY L7-8 Millar's 3 homers aren't enough Gordon Foulke Rivera 52-44 -9.5
7/24NYY W10-9 Tek and A-Rod brawl; Rivera blows save; Mueller's
walk-off homer wins it
MendozaRivera 53-44-8.5
7/25NYY W9-6 Sox tag Jose Contreras with 8 runs Lowe Contreras Foulke 54-44 -7.5
7/26at BALW12-5 Pedro gets early support P. MartinezBedard   55-44 -7.5
7/28at BALL1-4 Javy Lopez homers twice to beat Schilling Borkowski Schilling   55-45 -8.0
7/30at MINW8-2 Each Red Sox starter reaches base Arroyo Lohse   56-45 -7.5
7/31at MINL4-5 Mientkiewicz goes 2-for-4 for his new team Rincon Embree Nathan 56-46 -8.5
DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
8/1 at MINL3-4 Cabrera has HR and error in 1st game with the SoxSantanaTimlin Nathan 56-47 -9.5
8/2 at TB W6-3 McCarty's 3-run homer lifts Sox Wakefield HendricksonFoulke 57-47 -9.0
8/3 at TB W5-2 Schilling pitches his 3rd complete game Schilling Bell   58-47 -8.0
8/4 at TB L4-5 Roberts thrown out at home in 9th Harper Arroyo Baez 58-48 -9.0
8/6 at DETL3-4 Sox fall 10 behind the Yankees in A.L. East Novoa Lowe Urbina 58-49 -10.5
8/7 at DETW7-4 Pedro has 10+ K's for 69th time with the Sox P. MartinezBonderman   59-49 -10.5
8/8 at DETW11-9 Wake gives up 7 HR but gets the win Wakefield Robertson Foulke 60-49 -10.5
8/9 TB L3-8 Schilling loses his first game at Fenway Halama Schilling   60-50 -10.5
8/10TB W8-4 Bottom of the order drives in all 8 runs Arroyo Sosa   61-50 -9.5
8/11TB W14-4 Millar has 4 hits and 4 RBI Lowe Brazelton   62-50 -9.5
8/12TB W6-0 Pedro pitches complete game shutout P. MartinezHendrickson  63-50 -9.5
8/13CWS L7-8 Jose Contreras finally beats the Sox Contreras Wakefield Takatsu 63-51 -10.5
8/14CWS W4-3 Ortiz breaks 8th inning tie with 2nd HR of the daySchillingAdkins Foulke 64-51 -10.5
8/15CWS L4-5 Sox strand 12, including 3 in the 9th Buehrle Arroyo Takatsu 64-52 -10.5
8/16TOR W8-4 Mientkiewicz makes 1st career start at 2B Lowe Miller Foulke 65-52 -10.0
8/17TOR W5-4 Cabrera's double off the scoreboard wins it in 9thFoulkeFrederick   66-52 -9.0
8/18TOR W6-4 Sox go 15 games over .500 with sweep Wakefield Batista   67-52 -8.0
8/20at CWSW10-1 Sox score 6 in the 1st two innings for SchillingSchillingBuehrle   68-52 -7.5
8/21at CWSW10-7 Manny homers and has 5 RBI Arroyo Stewart Foulke 69-52 -6.5
8/22at CWSW6-5 Manny and Big Papi go back-to-back Leskanic Marte Foulke 70-52 -5.5
8/23at TORL0-3 Ted Lilly's 3-hitter snaps Sox' streak Lilly P. Martinez  70-53 -6.5
8/24at TORW5-4 Mirabelli's homer gives Sox the lead Wakefield Batista Foulke 71-53 -6.5
8/25at TORW11-5 Ortiz homers twice for Schilling Schilling Towers   72-53 -5.5
8/26DET W4-1 Arroyo allows less than 4 earned runs for 11th timeArroyoJohnson Foulke 73-53 -5.5
8/27DET W5-3 Lowe goes 8 innings for the win Lowe Maroth Leskanic 74-53 -5.5
8/28DET W5-1 Pedro moves into top 20 on career strikeout listP. MartinezBonderman  75-53 -5.5
8/29DET W6-1 Wakefield completes the 4-game sweep Wakefield Ledezma   76-53 -4.5
8/31ANA W10-7 Ramirez passes Jim Rice with 383 career homersSchilling Lackey Foulke 77-53 -3.5
DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
9/1 ANA W12-7 Millar homers as division title comes into sightAdams Sele   78-53 -3.5
9/2 ANA W4-3 Sox take control of wild card with sweep of AngelsLowe Colon Foulke 79-53 -3.5
9/3 TEX W2-0 Pedro brilliant as Sox win 10th straight P. MartinezWasdin Foulke 80-53 -2.5
9/4 TEX L6-8 Streak ends as Michael Young hits 3-run homerC. Young Wakefield Cordero 80-54 -2.5
9/5 TEX W6-5 No. 35 by Ortiz backs Schilling Schilling Drese   81-54 -2.5
9/6 at OAKW8-3 Manny's defense (and another HR) power Sox Arroyo Zito   82-54 -2.5
9/7 at OAKW7-1 Lowe gets 5th straight win Lowe Redman   83-54 -2.5
9/8 at OAKW8-3 Pedro allows 2 hits in 6 innings P. MartinezHudson Foulke 84-54 -2.0
9/9 at SEAL1-7 Rookie Bobby Madritsch shuts down Sox Madritsch Wakefield   84-55 -3.5
9/10at SEAW13-2 Schilling 1st pitcher to win 19 games this yearSchillingFranklin   85-55 -2.5
9/11at SEAW9-0 Arroyo pitches 7 shutout innings Arroyo Moyer   86-55 -2.5
9/12at SEAL0-2 Gil Meche pitches 5-hit shutout Meche Lowe   86-56 -3.5
9/14TB L2-5 Rookie Scott Kazmir outduels Pedro Kazmir P. Martinez  86-57 -4.0
9/15TB W8-6 Millar and Bellhorn hit 2-run homers Myers Nunez Foulke 87-57 -4.0
9/16TB W11-4 Sox score at least 9 for 5th time for SchillingSchillingHendrickson  88-57 -3.5
9/17at NYYW3-2 Cabrera and Damon beat Mariano Rivera in 9th Timlin Rivera Foulke 89-57 -2.5
9/18at NYYL4-14 Jon Lieber a surprise star for Yankees Lieber Lowe   89-58 -3.5
9/19at NYYL1-11 Mike Mussina quiets Sox bats Mussina P. Martinez  89-59 -4.5
9/20BAL L6-9 Wakefield loses control in 5-run 4th Grimsley Wakefield Julio 89-60 -4.5
9/21BAL W3-2 Bellhorn's 2-run single in 9th bails out FoulkeFoulke Ryan   90-60 -4.5
9/22BAL W7-6 (12) Cabrera homers in 12th for 2nd straight walk-offLeskanicBauer   91-60 -3.5
9/23BAL L7-9 Papi's bid for walk-off HR caught at warning trackWilliamsMendoza   91-61 -4.5
9/24NYY L4-6 Flashback: Pedro tires in the 8th Gordon P. MartinezRivera 91-62 -5.5
9/25NYY W12-5 7-run 8th breaks a 5-5 tie Foulke Quantrill   92-62 -4.5
9/26NYY W11-4 Schilling shines in Sox' final home game Schilling Brown   93-62 -3.5
9/27at TB W7-3 Sox clinch playoff berth Arroyo Sosa   94-62 -3.0
9/28at TB W10-8 (11)Millar's 11th-inning homer wins it Mendoza Baez Foulke 95-62 -2.5
9/29at TB L4-9 Pedro loses his 4th straight Waechter P. MartinezMiller 95-63 -4.0
DateVs.   Score Summary WP LP SV RecordGA/GB
10/1at BALW8-3 Damon and Ortiz give Wakefield his 12th win Wakefield R. Lopez   96-63 -3.5
10/2at BALW7-5 Subs are enough for a win Adams Cabrera Foulke 97-63 -3.0
10/2at BALW7-5 Cabrera homers as Sox sweep double header Kim Grimsley Leskanic 98-63 -2.0
10/3at BALL2-3 Williamson gets the loss Chen Williamson Ryan 98-64 -3.0

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