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Celebration Nation

Sox fans everywhere share their World Series stories

Anny Crain's story

I've been a Sox fan since the day I was born. However, growing up an hour outside of New York City made it extremely difficult for me to openly express my love. So, when the time came to decide where to go to college, Boston was my only option. Now selecting a college according to how close the campus is to Fenway Park isn't exactly your typical criteria. It was for me, though.

I got the chance to attend one game in September, as BU had reserved some bleacher seats for the students (personally, my favorite place to sit).

Then the Sox went all the way. They made it to the World Series. And as God as my witness, they were going to win. The year that I was finally back in the place that I was meant to be, they would win. It was some sort of miracle.

That didn't solve the problem, though, that I was without tickets or the $1000 needed to buy them. So I made a colorful little sign that read, "Will jump in Charles for tickets." Now everyone who has even heard of the Charles River knows that that's enough to kill you. Still, my sign got laughs, became the focus of many pictures, and got even more strange looks. A few men with tickets messed around with my friend and I, and then 20 minutes before the game, it happened.

This normal, average Joe walked up to us, and asked us if we really wanted to go to the game. He asked if we were scalpers or something of the sort, to which we simply replied the truth - we were simple college students who loved the Red Sox and had no money. He, this angel from above, then said, a phrase that I will never forget, "Well, they aren't great seats, but enjoy the game." He gave us two bleacher seats, a few rows in front of the scoreboard, for FREE.

Sir, if you are out there anywhere, I just want you to know that made the dreams of two women come true. I will always and forever remember your generosity and tell this story to all those who cross my path.

Jabtot's story

I live in Buffalo NY, a pretty lonely place to be a Red Sox fan. This place is over-ridden with Yankee faithful. I have always worn the colors of my Red Sox proudly since I was 7 years old. I had the bad luck of having to work a second shift job that started on the night of Game One. Since the factory was made of something along the lines of Kryptonite, I could not get a radio signal to catch any of the action. I truly suffered as every night I would come out to my truck at 12:30 am to put on WBZ to catch the score.

Seeing that the Sox were up 3-0 in the series, and knowing there was no way to keep up with the score, I silently worked and watched the clock trudge from second to second. At the 10:30 break the foreman came up to me and asked how I was doing. I told him that I was really suffering and wondered about the score. Danny looked me in the eye and said..."3-0...Sox in the 8th...I got it on in the office!!!" Turns out that Danny was also a member of Red Sox Nation!

He and I hustled into one of the dark cubicles in the front office. We fired up one of the PC's and found the game telecast on the FOX website. Dan and I stayed in that office till the final out. I was so overcome in my joy that I was crying like a baby. All those bad times seemed to melt off of me. Gone were Dent, Boone, losing to the Reds in '75. At the end of the night I sat out in the truck and listened to WBZ, and all the hysteria that was going on in Boston. I secretly wished that I could be there to be part of it.

I got a nice surprise this Christmas. My sisters, knowing my love of the Sox, got me tickets to the Blue Jays home opener versus my Red Sox. I also got tickets to games for two other visits later in the year. Let's do it again in 2005! God bless the Boston Red Sox!!!!!

Red Sox Nation, you're invited to send in your anecdotes. Where were you when they won? Who did you watch the games with? What did you do to help them win? How has your life changed? Send your story, whether it's a couple of paragraphs or a couple of pages.

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