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Fenway Park Tour

August 18, 1999

Ever wonder what's behind the garage door on the side of the left field stands? The picture below answers that question.

Under the left field stands

Next, the tour took us inside to one of the luxury boxes. There are 14 seats outside, and a couch, TV, kitchen, and restroom inside. I still can't figure out why people would spend thousands of dollars to watch a game out a window, but as a fan, I'm glad the team gets this revenue.

The 600 Club We then went into the 600 Club, so named because there are 600 seats. They are wide and padded, but being behind the glass takes away the feeling of "being there" that is the whole point of going to a game. I found it amusing that there are large poles here, too, just like the obstructed-view seats throughout the park.

(In 2002, the 600 Club was renamed the .406 Club, in honor of Ted Williams' 1941 batting average. In 2006, the glass was removed, and the area inside was renovated.)

Behind the seating area of the Club is a dining area with tables and a large bar.

600 Club dining area

At least the view is nice...

600 Club view

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