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Fenway Park Tour

August 18, 1999

Our 1999 tour of Fenway Park continued with an up-close look at the Green Monster and its hand-operated scoreboard. The 37-foot high wall looks even taller up close!

The Green Monster Centerfield view

The picture on the right above was taken looking up the centerfield wall. The cameras are visible, and so are the dents and dings made by doubles, triples, and long Fenway singles.

The scoreboard

During games, two operators sit inside the Green Monster and post the line score from the game, as well as the scores from other American League games. They watch the games through small slits like the one to the left of the "E." We could peek through and see the numbers used for runs and hits hanging up inside. When the scoreboard was built in 1934, it was considered high-tech, since it used lights to indicate balls, strikes, and outs. The red error light is shown here. If an error is made, the scoreboard now also indicates the postion of the player who committed it. On the stripe to the right, in Morse code, are the initials of former Red Sox owners Tom A. and Jean R. Yawkey.

The left field corner

This picture shows the left field corner. There is some question as to how far the Wall really is from home plate. The sign read 315 until the distance was remeasured a few years ago. It is believed, however, that the distance is actually 309 feet or less.

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