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Fenway Park Tour

August 25, 2003

Monster panorama

View from the Monster In 2003, our tour started in the new Green Monster seats. Fans aren't allowed up there without a ticket before or after games, so this was my first chance to see the new view. It was fun to see the park I've come to so many times from a new perspective.

Next we went into the .406 Club. Originally called the 600 Club, the name was changed in 2002 to honor Ted Williams. His .406 batting average in 1941 made him the last player to top the .400 mark. It was a nice vantage point from which to watch workers set up for batting practice.

View from the .406 club

Our final stop was the Hall of Fame Club. Located just below the .406 Club, it's a dining area that serves season ticket holders before the game. It also houses plaques for all the players in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. The walls are decorated with pictures and memorabilia from great moments in Sox history. The tour I was on was the final one of the day before the game started, so we were ushered out in time for the buffet to start. I would have liked to have spent more time there so that I could have seen everything on display.

Hall of Fame Club

Tours of Fenway Park are offered seven days a week, year round. They leave from Twins souvenir store across the street from Fenway hourly from 9 am to 4 pm. On days with a home game, the final tour departs three hours before the start of the game. (Hours may be different in the winter and are subject to change at all times.) The cost is around $12 for adults, and less for seniors and children. See the Red Sox site for complete schedule and more information. But be warned - arrive early on the day you want to take the tour. Tours don't go on the field on days with afternoon games, and even with night games, only the tours before noon are allowed to walk on the field and in the dugout. Tickets can only be purchased on the day of the tour, unless they are reserved by a group of 15 or more. We drove all the way from Maine one day, and arrived at 12:30 only to find out that all the afternoon tours had been sold out by 11:30 am. It's well worth the early wake-up call, though, and I recommend the experience to any fan of the Red Sox.

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