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by John Marshall


'Twas 1986, the year of the Sox
The champagne was ready, we had a whole box.
I was a Sox fan at age one
My days as a Sox fan had just begun.
Even then I knew what they could have done,
The pain they could have ended, had they won.
Can you imagine the happiness and glee,
If they had ended all the misery
That the Sox have brought upon you and me?
We were an inning away
Then an out away
We all prayed "Please throw one more strike today"
But that wasn't the way
It ended on that fateful day.
That day that we wish would go away,
My father reached for the champagne cork,
Then stopped cold and shouted "Buckner you dork!"
That night we all shed a tear
Then said our infamous "Wait till next year!"
But sometimes I wonder if that year will ever come
And if it did would the game still be fun?
I guess I'll just have to wait and see
And think what this year could be...

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Copyright © John Marshall. Printed with permission of the author.