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Red Sox World Series Victory Parade

October 30, 2007

Watching the Rolling Rally from Copley Square

The Red Sox finished their sweep of the Colorado Rockies on Sunday night, and the parade was scheduled for Tuesday. Like 2004, it would be a "rolling rally" with the players riding on Duck Boats down Boylston Street. But this time they would not be going into the river at the end, as they had before. As a result, this one would start two hours later, at noon. My parents left their house at 3:30 am to drive down from Maine. I took the T and met up with them in Copley Square at 6:30. My brother and two friends joined us later. It was still dark as we picked out a good "front row" spot across the street from the media stage and set up our folding chairs.

Beckett, Wakefield, and the trophy   Manny and Big Papi wave from the Duck Boat
Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield wave, as the trophy is held up behind them   Manny Ramirez (front) and Big Papi (right) acknowledge the crowd

As we waited, we collected all the signs and buttons that various people were handing out: "We Did it Again", "Dirty Water Riverdance", "Twice in a Lifetime", and more. We got "World Champions" buttons, and even Brigham's "Curse Reversed" flavor ice cream bars. Many people had brought homemade signs, such as "It ain't over till Papelbon dances"; "Hey Manny, is Jeter still golfing?" and "Johnny Damon's home changing diapers, this is better", two references to the "Jeter is golfing today, this is better" sign someone had given Manny for the 2004 parade; and the ever-popular "Don't sign A-Rod" and "Re-sign Lowell". The latter also made a nice chant, and ended up the most common saying of the day.

The Duck Boats left Fenway at noon and proceeded down Boylston. Just after 12:30, we saw our first sign of confetti, and the rest of the parade followed. Owners John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Tom Werner were first. We chanted "Re-sign Lowell" to them. Then came the Red Sox partners, then Theo Epstein and baseball operations, prompting more "Re-sign Lowell" chants. The starting pitchers were next - Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield, with Curt Schilling holding up the World Series trophy. Then came two boats carrying former players, including Luis Tiant, Johnny Pesky, and Dom DiMaggio. (I'm pretty sure I told them to re-sign Lowell, too.) Next was the training staff, then Kevin Youkilis and the other infielders, then Daisuke Matsuzaka, then the bullpen. All year long, the relievers had formed a percussion section, drumming water bottles on the bullpen roof whenever a rally was needed. So for the parade, they had their own drums, and they waved their drumsticks in the air as they passed.

Bullpen percussionists   Red Sox rolling rally 2007
Kyle Snyder, Manny Delcarmen, and Javier Lopez show off their percussion skills   Confetti shoots into the air as the parade passes

Next was the flatbed truck containing the Dropkick Murphys and Jonathan Papelbon. Hideki Okajima and Mike Timlin were on the float, too, and Copley Square was one of three scheduled stops along the parade route to allow Papelbon to dance. He entered each game to the Dropkick Murphys' "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" all season long, but it was Papelbon's Riverdance-like jig on the Fenway lawn after the Red Sox won the Eastern Division that had made that song the most anticipated part of the parade. The float stopped just down the street from where we were standing. While the band played, Papelbon and Timlin danced, much to the delight of the crowd. (Later on in the parade, Papelbon donned a kilt, and Okajima joined in by the end, too.)

As the parade resumed, we got a good look at J.D. Drew, Bobby Kielty, Jacoby Ellsbury, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Doug Mirabelli, Julio Lugo, and Mike Lowell. They were followed by more boats with front office personnel, all of whom were exhorted by the crowd to "Re-sign Lowell". We chanted that to all the rest of the floats that passed, too, including the announcers and broadcasters, the Red Sox Foundation kids, Wally the Green Monster, and the fire engine and ambulance that brought up the rear.

Papelbon dances the jig   Manny on a Duck Boat
Jonathan Papelbon dances the jig in Copley Square   Manny Ramirez chats it up, microphone in hand, as the Jordan's Furniture guys ride behind him

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