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Below is a list of videos that I recommend to Red Sox fans. The Diehard Sox Fans' Store operates in association with, which offers discount rates on thousands of books, CDs, DVDs, videos, electronics, and gifts. For more information or to purchase any of the following online, simply click on the Details/Order link. If the product you are looking for is not featured here, use the search box at the bottom of the page. Thank you for visiting The Diehard Sox Fans' Store!

The Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Collector's Edition DVD set
The final 3 ALCS games and all 4 World Series games complete and uncut, plus a bonus disc of extras.
DVD: Details/Order

2007 World Series: Colorado Rockies vs. Boston Red Sox
MLB's official DVD recap of the 2007 World Series.
DVD: Details/Order

Impossible to Forget: The Story of the '67 Boston Red Sox
Includes the NESN special, plus a bonus disc with the complete broadcast of the September 30, 1967, game against the Twins.
DVD: Details/Order

The Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector's Edition DVD Set
All 11 ALCS and World Series games complete and uncut, plus a bonus disc of extras. DVD: Details/Order

Faith Rewarded - The Historic Season of the 2004 Boston Red Sox
This DVD, produced by NESN, follows the historic 2004 season from spring training through the victory parade. Also contains entertaining extras like Orlando Cabrera's many handshakes.
DVD: Details/Order

2004 World Series - Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals
The official MLB World Series DVD. Includes extra features such as interviews with formar players, and clubhouse celebrations.
DVD: Details/Order

Fever Pitch (Boston Red Sox Curse Reversed Edition)
A Farrelly brothers romantic comedy starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. It's the story of a love triangle between a guy, a girl, and a baseball team. (The "Red Sox ending" is only a couple of minutes longer, but fans will enjoy the deleted scene when Ben first goes to Fenway with his uncle in the 80's.) [PG-13]
DVD: Details/Order

Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie
You'll laugh and cry all over again as you follow seven diehard Red Sox fans through the ups and downs of the memorable 2003 season. A true picture of the agony and ecstasy involved in believing in our team! Fans' stories are interwoven with behind-the-scenes footage of the players and front office members for a complete picture of the 2003 season. [PG]
DVD: Details/Order

Cowboy Up! The Wild Ride of the 2003 Boston Red Sox
A month-by-month look at the Red Sox' 2003 season. DVD version includes additional features on Theo Epstein, Fenway Park's Green Monster seats, Kevin Millar, the Red Sox Dominican Academy, and Ray Charles' Opening Day rendition of "America the Beautiful".
DVD: Details/Order

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