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My Favorite Links

(For an almost-complete listing of Red Sox sites on the web, see Lots O' Links.)

Red Sox Coverage

The Boston Globe - Read a week's worth of Red Sox articles in the Boston Globe.
The Boston Herald - The Herald's Red Sox articles from the past week.
The Providence-Journal - The Pro-Jo's coverage of the Red Sox and the PawSox. - Official site of the Boston Red Sox. Contains articles on the team's history, current stats, and ticket information.
CBS SportsLine MLB Scoreboard - Get all the day's scores, and follow along online live with GameCenter.
The Remy Report - Daily Red Sox musings from broadcaster Jerry Remy.
Lots O' Links - A complete compilation of all things Red Sox.

Fenway Park

Save Fenway Park - Renovation of Fenway, rather than building a new park, benefits all sides. - Detailed info on the past, present, and future of all major league ballparks, including seating charts.
Fenway Park - History, players, ticket info, and more from
The Citgo Sign - Visit Citgo's site on the famous Boston sign.

Baseball Sites

Official Rules - Baseball's complete official rulebook. - Official site of Major League Baseball. - ESPN's coverage of MLB.
SABR - The Society for American Baseball Research is about more than just stats. While statistical analysis is one interesting pursuit of SABR members, there are also resarch committees studying a wide range of categories, including history, music, scouting, ballparks, and the business of baseball. - Info on all-time stats, players, managers, records, postseason, awards, birthdays, and more. - Get the score of every Sox game ever played, with box scores from 1974 on.
National Baseball Hall Of Fame - View online exhibits or browse through info on any Hall of Fame member.
Louisville Slugger Museuem - Website of the new Louisville, KY, museum.
Legends of the Game - Profiles of players from the Deadball Era.
Minor League Baseball - National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues' coverage of minor league teams and players.
Negro League Baseball - The players, teams, and history of the Negro Leagues.
The Baseball Almanac - A fabulous site full of baseball history, awards, records, feats, humor, lists, quotations, and stats.

Other Fun Links - Large, discounted selection of books, videos, and music. Now featuring electronics, toys and games, household items, and more. - Episode transcripts, audio/video clips, lists, and more, all about Seinfeld.
The Simpsons Archive - Absolutely everything about The Simsons: episode guides, transcripts, and more.
Dave Barry - The Miami Herald columnist's weekly article and archive. Barry writes about various major issues relating to the international economy, the future of democracy, the social infrastructure, and exploding toilets.
The Late Show with David Letterman - Watch video of last night's monologue, see the Top ten List, CBS Mailbag, DaveTV, etc.
The Dilbert Zone - The current Dilbert strip, plus List of the Day, Dogbert's New Ruling Class, and more.
PythOnLine - Monty Python's official site.
Habitat for Humanity - Help dedicated volunteers build affordable housing.
The Jimmy Fund - Support the Red Sox team charity.

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