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Working Out with the Sox

Monday, March 1, 2010 – Spring Training Workouts, Ft. Myers

On Monday it was back to Edison Ave. for my third straight workout.  This time the weather was actually nice for a change.  It was sunny all day, and by the end of practice, I was able to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt instead of bundling up with a sweatshirt and coat like the past two days.  I finally felt like I was in Florida instead of Boston.

As the Red Sox stretched out, I went up to the back row of the stands of an adjoining field to get some shots of their exercises from above.  Here’s a video of the guys limbering up.  See if you can pick out Big Papi (blue jacket with red sleeves at the back of the second row).

Today I watched the pitchers go through their PFP routine again.  I also saw Daisuke Matsuzaka long-tossing, which is his next step toward being ready to start the season.

Obligatory shot of the Big Three - Josh Beckett, John Lackey, and Jon Lester.

Obligatory shot of the Big Three - Josh Beckett, John Lackey, and Jon Lester - as they listen to the instructions before one of their drills.

After the different fielding drills, I expected to see live B.P., where the pitchers throw to their teammates.  But instead it was regular batting practice sessions, with the coaches lobbing ’em in there so the hitters could actually get some work in.  I watched a group that included Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Marco Scutaro, and Adrian Beltre, followed by Victor Martinez, David Ortiz, Josh Reddick, and Kevin Youkilis.

Getting a look at the new guys: Adrian Beltre finishes up a round of B.P.

Getting a look at the new guy: Adrian Beltre finishes up a round of B.P.

Victor Martinez gets ready for his turn at bat.

Victor Martinez gets ready for his turn at bat.

When that was over, we headed back up and got autographs from a couple of minor leaguers, Gil Velazquez and Angel Sanchez.  We waited around up near the clubhouse while various interviews were conducted, in the hopes that one of the players would come over and sign afterwards.  We saw Terry Francona give his daily rundown, Hideki Okajima talking with the Japanese press for a long time, and Jacoby Ellsbury doing an interview.  When Ellsbury’s interview finished, he and some camera men headed back out onto the field to film something involving him stealing bases.  [Update: I found what he was filming.  It was a segment on The Red Sox Report.]  We waited around, even though all the other players had gone in, and were rewarded when Jacoby came over and signed for everyone who was still there.

When he was done, we were just getting ready to leave when we noticed Marco Scutaro had come back out.  He was seated, doing an interview, when Brewzer, the clubhouse guy’s dog, was allowed out onto the grassy area.  The dog wandered over to Scutaro during the interview, got a pat on the head, and then laid down.

Bruiser the dog makes a cameo in Marco Scutaro's interview.

Ever the attention-seeker, Brewzer the dog makes an appearance in Marco Scutaro's interview.

After practice, we spent the afternoon at Ft. Myers Beach.  It was finally a warm, sunny, beach-like day – the first one since I’ve been here.  Tomorrow we may not be so lucky, because thunderstorms are predicted all morning, threatening to wash out the practice.

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