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A Spring in My Step Again

October 14, 2009

An epilogue of sorts

The first few days after our season came to its premature and inglorious end, I moped around, alternating between shock and denial.  I wore black to work all week, and my co-workers were sympathetic and equally despondent.

Then on Wednesday, it was time for that other annual rite – booking my flight to spring training.  It took a little effort, but I got a really good deal this time.  As soon as it was confirmed, I told my boss what days I’d be taking off, and started telling all my co-workers, “I’m going to spring training!”  That’s when I realized I was doing something I hadn’t done in what felt like an eternity – smiling.

This is what I’m already envisioning:

Sunset on beautiful Ft. Myers Beach.

Sunset on beautiful Ft. Myers Beach.

Players stretch out before the mornings workout.

Players stretching out on Field 2 before the morning's workout.

By then, I’ll be better able to appreciate the year that just was.  I went to 30 regular-season games, which beat my previous personal best of 29 in 2003.  My record was 18-12, but it was really much better until a poor 1-4 September dragged it down.  Along the way, I got to experience a lot of dramatic moments.  The top two for me were Jacoby Ellsbury’s steal of home against the Yankees in April and the night in May when Big Papi’s first home run of the season was caught by the guy sitting in front of me.  I also saw record-setting performances, like when the Red Sox scored 12 runs before the first out of an inning to set an A.L. record, when Ellsbury recorded 12 putouts to tie the M.L. record, and Jacoby’s 70th stolen base of the season which set the new team record.  I got to see walk-off home runs by Nick Green and David Ortiz, watched as instant replay was invoked, and got a batting practice baseball from Brad Penny.  And in a few short months, I’ll be back in Ft. Myers and ready to go through it all again.

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  1. Written by RedSoxDiehard
    on November 6, 2009 at 12:19 pm
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    Now that baseball’s completely over for the year, it’s time for one last quote from Curt Schilling:

    Oh, let’s all cheer up because A-Rod’s come full circle now. He’s got his ring, he’s complete, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Listen, they’re used to it, and they have to accept the fact that no one outside New York is even remotely happy today. OK, the Yankees won. Move on. When does spring training start? When do we sign free agents?

    Right on, Schill, and when spring training does start, I’ll be there!

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