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All-Time Red Sox Team

100 seasons During the 2001 season, the Red Sox looked back on and celebrated the first 100 years of Red Sox baseball, and joined in the fun. You voted for two players from each position to select an all-time Red Sox team, and the results are in. (I added three "honorary picks" from the runners-up, to make a 25-man squad.)

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The Team


C   Carlton Fisk
1B   Jimmie Foxx
2B   Bobby Doerr
3B   Wade Boggs
SS   Nomar Garciaparra

LF   Ted Williams

CF   Fred Lynn
RF   Dwight Evans
RHP   Pedro Martinez

LHP   Babe Ruth
RP   Bob Stanley


C   Rick Ferrell
1B   Mo Vaughn
2B   Jerry Remy
3B   Rico Petrocelli
SS   Johnny Pesky
SS   Joe Cronin*
LF   Carl Yastrzemski
LF   Jim Rice*
CF   Tris Speaker
RF   Tony Conigliaro
RHP   Cy Young
RHP   Smokey Joe Wood*
LHP   Lefty Grove
RP   Dick Radatz

* Honorary picks

Not a bad line-up! Imagine a team where Yaz is on the bench - OK, he can battle Rice for the DH spot - and Cy Young is the #2 starter! Honorable mention also to turn-of-the-century third baseman Jimmy Collins and outfielder Harry Hooper, who are enshrined in Cooperstown but didn't make this list. (And yes, the voting did call for three right-handed pitchers, with Clemens receiving the third-most votes. But I don't like the guy, even if he did have a few good years with the Sox. Being the webmaster of this site has its advantages, so I picked Smokey Joe Wood to replace him. Call it a "manager's decision." After all, if this all-time team is going to go anywhere, they've got to have players who can win in the postseason!)

To find out more about the best players in Red Sox history, click the links to each position above. The players on each page were the nominees in this poll, and are listed with their career stats and their stats with the Sox. You can click each player's name for more detailed stats. Note: The years listed next to each player are the years he played for the Red Sox. Statements like "played in 4 All-Star games" or "led A.L. in HR twice" refer to the number of times as a member of the Red Sox. Stats given include playing time through 2001, when this poll was conducted.

See the pictures I took at the Red Sox 100th Anniversary Celebration on May 27, 2001.

Red Sox greats

Complete Voting Results


Carlton Fisk73%
Rick Ferrell9.5%
Bill Carrigan6%
Birdie Tebbetts4%
Sammy White1%

Write-in votes:
Jason Varitek3%
Tony Pena1%
Rich Gedman0.5%
Marcus Jensen0.5%
Marc Sullivan0.5%
Bob Tillman0.5%
Hal Wagner0.5%


Jimmie Foxx59%
Mo Vaughn30%
George Scott6.5%
Stuffy McInnis1%

Write-in votes:
Carl Yastrzemski1%
Bill Buckner0.5%
Morgan Burkhart0.5%
Brian Daubach0.5%
Sam Horn0.5%
Dick Stuart0.5%


Bobby Doerr60%
Jerry Remy13%
Pete Runnels10%
Billy Goodman9%

Write-in votes:
Marty Barrett1.5%
Stan Papi0.5%
Jody Reed0.5%
Chuck Schilling0.5%
Chris Stynes0.5%


Wade Boggs53%
Rico Petrocelli21%
Frank Malzone13.5%
Jimmy Collins7%
Larry Gardner2%

Write-in votes:
Shea Hillenbrand2%
Dalton Jones0.5%
Ed Jurak0.5%
Carney Lansford0.5%


Nomar Garciaparra61%
Johnny Pesky18%
Joe Cronin14%
Rick Burleson4%

Write-in votes:
Rico Petrocelli1%
Vern Stephens1%
Jackie Gutierrez0.5%
Mike Lansing0.5%


Ted Williams60%
Carl Yastrzemski34%
Jim Rice5%
Duffy Lewis0.5%

Write-in votes:
Dante Bichette0.5%


Fred Lynn33%
Tris Speaker31%
Dom DiMaggio24%
Reggie Smith6%
Jimmy Piersall3%

Write-in votes:
Carl Everett1%
Tony Armas0.5%
Randy Kutcher0.5%
Darren Lewis0.5%
Rick Miller0.5%


Dwight Evans60%
Tony Conigliaro19%
Harry Hooper11%
Jackie Jensen8%

Write-in votes:
Trot Nixon2%


Pedro Martinez35%
Cy Young30%
Roger Clemens18%
Luis Tiant7%
Smokey Joe Wood6%
Jim Lonborg2%
Bill Monbouquette1%
Bill Dinneen0%

Write-in votes:
Rolando Arrojo0.5%
Tim Wakefield0.5%


Babe Ruth36%
Lefty Grove31%
Mel Parnell11%
Bill Lee10.5%
Bruce Hurst7%
Dutch Leonard4%

Write-in votes:
Joe Hesketh0.5%


Bob Stanley28%
Dick Radatz26%
Sparky Lyle15.5%
Jeff Reardon14%
Ellis Kinder8%
Bill Campbell4%

Write-in votes:
Tom Gordon2%
Derek Lowe1%
Lee Smith1%
Tony Fossas0.5%

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