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Road Trip to Baltimore

August 12, 2001

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

In August of 2001, I followed the Red Sox to Baltimore. Camden Yards was the eighth ballpark I've been to, but I still like Fenway best. Sure it was clean, and the seats all face the infield, but the history aspect was missing. I will give some credit, though - at least the stores and restaurants along Eutaw Street are baseball-related. When we arrived, we showed our tickets and were allowed entrance to the Eutaw St. area, between the ballpark and the warehouse. There are sports memorabilia stores and food stands, including a barbecue pit operated by Boog Powell, who played for the Orioles in the 60's and 70's. It was a nice contrast to Atlanta's Turner Field, where you'll find Scooby-Doo and other cartoon characters, and TV sets tuned to all Turner's networks rather than to the other baseball games being played. Eutaw St. also has markers on the sidewalk to indicate home runs which cleared the fence and landed there. There's even one to mark a Troy O'Leary blast in 1999. But here's where Fenway beats 'em all. You just can't manufacture history. It's interesting to see where Troy O'Leary hit a homer, or where Ken Griffey reached the warehouse during the Home Run Derby, but it doesn't quite compare to Fenway's red seat, or the foul pole Carlton Fisk hit his World Series homer off. So OK, Fenway's unbeatable, but of the new parks I've been to, I like Camden Yards better than the others.

Troy O'Leary home run marker Eutaw St.

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