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Red Sox By The Numbers

Numbers have always been important to avid baseball fans. They're stats, they're trivia, and they're our history. And for those of us who are fortunate enough to to be Red Sox fans, there are certain numbers that evoke unique emotional responses. We might be playing cards, see a red 8, and think of Yaz - or grimace as we write a check for $19.18. These common emotions unite us as fans across geographical and generational lines. So in 1999, I compiled a list of Red Sox memories associated with each of the numbers 1 through 99. Enjoy!

1  1.00 was Dutch Leonard's ERA in 1914, the all-time M.L. record.
2  Times Bobby Doerr hit for the cycle. He's the only Red Sox to do it twice.
3  1903 - Red Sox win the first-ever World Series, 5 games to 3 over Pittsburgh.
4  M.L. record for the most hits in an All-Star Game: Ted Williams did it in 1946 and Carl Yastrzemski in 1970.
5  Nomar. Someday it will be up there with 9, 4, 1, 8, 27, and 42.
6  This will always mean Game 6 - a good one in '75, a bad one in '86. It's also Buckner's uniform number.
7  Consecutive games with at least 10 strikeouts - Pedro Martinez, 1999.
8  Yaz, of course.
9  The Splendid Splinter, The Kid, Teddy Ballgame.
10  RBI in one game: Garciaparra in '99, Lynn in '75, Zauchin in '55, and York in '46.
11  Well, OK, 511. Cy Young's career wins. Anyone with that many wins should have an award named after him!
12  1912 - Fenway opened. Sox win the World Series on Snodgrass's Muff.
13  Consecutive postseason games lost by the Red Sox, 1986-95. That's a Major League record.
14  Games ahead of the Yankees on July 20, 1978. But then...
15  HR hit by Jeff Bagwell in his rookie year, 1991 (the first of more than 200). Also the number of games Larry Andersen appeared in for the Red Sox.
16  Jim Lonborg - though he might also bring to mind the numbers 22 and '67!
17  Runs scored in the 7th inning, 6/18/53, a Major League record.
18  1918.
19  All-Star Games Yastrzemski played in.
20  Roger Clemens' strikeouts in one game, 4/29/86 and again on 9/18/96.
21  The Rocket himself.
22  Doubles by Chick Stahl in 1904, a Red Sox record.  (A 22 we'd rather forget: Buckner's uniform number in 1990.)
23  Game-winning RBI by Mike Greenwell in 1988. The Major League record for the now-defunct stat.
24  Innings in the longest game played by the Sox, 9/1/06, as they lost to Philadelphia. Joe Harris pitched all 24 innings.
25  Most losses by a Red Sox pitcher in one season - Red Ruffing in 1928.
26  HR by Carlton Fisk in 1973 and again in 1977. It's the most in one year by a Red Sox catcher, hit by the man who has more career home runs than any other catcher.
27  Consecutive batters retired by Ernie Shore in his perfect game, 6/23/17. The first batter in the game actually reached base. He was walked by Babe Ruth, who was ejected for arguing with the umpire, and Shore relieved. The runner was caught stealing, and Shore retired the next 26 in a row for the only perfect game thrown at Fenway Park.
28  Total stolen bases by Mo Vaughn while with the Red Sox. That includes home plate, in 1996.
29  Runs scored against St. Louis on 6/8/50. The Sox won, 29-4.
30  Nomar's 30-game hitting streak in 1997 was an A.L. rookie record. His 30 home runs that year set the M.L. record for a rookie shortstop.
31  For Yaz's A.L.-leading .301 average in 1968. The lowest average ever to lead a league.
32  32,694 fans were in attendance on 10/15/12 for the seventh game of the World Series. The Sox won the first World Series ever played in Fenway the next day.
33  1933 - The year Tom Yawkey bought the Red Sox.
34  Games won by Smokey Joe Wood in 1912, a Red Sox record.
35  Outfield assists by Tris Speaker in 1909, and again in 1912. It's an A.L. record.
36  Hits given up by Schiraldi during the whole '86 season. He gave up 12 hits in the postseason that year.
37  Bill Lee and Jimmy Piersall, colorful characters both.
38  Shutouts by Cy Young while with the Sox. It's the most ever by a Red Sox pitcher.
39  Number worn by Bob Montgomery (as a September callup) and Mike Greenwell, two of only eleven players who played ten or more years in the majors, exclusively with the Red Sox.
40  Ken Harrelson wore this number when he replaced the injured Tony Conigliaro.  The same number was worn a few years later by Tony's brother Billy.
41  1941 - The year The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived hit .406.
42  The number is retired for Jackie Robinson, but all I can think about is Mo.
43  AB for Fred Lynn (in 15 games) in 1974, meaning he was still a rookie in '75, when he won Rookie of the Year honors.
44  Home runs hit by Yaz in his Triple Crown year, 1967.
45  Home runs hit by Bernie Carbo in his five-year Sox career - but we only remember one.
46  1946. Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Enos Slaughter.
47  Losses in 1912. They won 105 for a club-best .691 winning percentage.
48  Number of words in the song "Tessie," sung by the Royal Rooters during the 1903 World Series.
49  Total home runs Babe Ruth hit as a Red Sox. He only hit 665 more after that!
50  Appearances by Dennis Eckersley in 1998, setting the M.L. record at 1,071.
51  First uniform number worn by Butch Hobson. Since that September callup, he's been the Sox' 3rd baseman, manager, and now the manager of their single-A affiliate.
52  5.2 meters, the height of the centerfield wall.
53  Homers hit by the Sox in July of '64, a Red Sox record for one month.
54  Consecutive saves converted by Tom Gordon in '98 and '99, a M.L. record.
55  Different players used by the Red Sox in 1996, a team record.
56  Career wins Matt Young would have had if he had won his no-hitter. He pitched all 8 innings of the game without giving up a hit - but he did surrender 2 unearned runs as the Red Sox lost, 2-1. He finished his career 55-95.
57  Games Denny Galehouse started for Cleveland in 1934-38. He started against them for the Red Sox in the 1948 playoff game, and lost.
58  Jackie Jensen's MVP year.
59  Sox finished the 1927 season 59 games back (51-103).
60  $60,000 - The amount spent by Harry Frazee to get P Joe Bush, C Wally Schang, and OF Amos Strunk from the As. Each starred for the Sox in 1918. If only Frazee had stopped dealing at that point, maybe wed remember 60 for a different reason!
61  1961 - Don Schwall is Rookie of the Year. In that year's All-Star Game, held at Fenway Park, Schwall gives up the N.L.'s only run. The game is called for rain, tied at 1-1 after nine innings.
62  Combined games won by Tex Hughson, Dave Ferriss, and Mickey Harris in 46 (62-28). The next year the three went 29-26.
63  6-3, the score when Bernie Carbo stepped to the plate in Game 6 in '75.
64  1964 - Tony C. homers in his first Fenway at-bat.
65  1965 - Most recent no-hitter at Fenway Park, thrown by Dave Morehead, 9/16/65.
66  That's 60' 6", the distance from the mound to home plate.
67  The Impossible Dream.
68  Sum of Steve "Psycho" Lyons' uniform numbers in his three stints with the Sox. He wore 12 in '85-'86, 7 in '91, 19 in '92, and 30 in '93.
69  69-85 was the Red Sox record in 1954 - a dismal 42 games back.
70  Runs scored by Joe Cronin in 1935, his first year as player-manager.
71  Career triples by Ted Williams, though we remember 521 and .344 better!
72  The year Carlton Fisk was Rookie of the Year, and the number he wore with the White Sox.
73  1973 - The year Tommy Harper stole 54 bases, setting the Red Sox record.
74  1974 - Luis Tiant led the league with 7 shutouts.
75  1975. Who could forget Game 6 of the World Series?
76  RBI by Duffy Lewis in 1915, leading the team in that category, and leading them to their third World Series Championship.
77  77-60, the Red Sox record in 1902.
78  1978. The year of Jim Rice's MVP, and of course the one-game playoff. Bucky Dent.
79  Games pitched by Dick Radatz in 1964. It was a Red Sox record until Greg Harris had 80 in 1993.
80  Career home runs by Dave Henderson in six seasons before his 2-out, 2-strike, down-by-one, 2-run homer in Game 5 of the '86 ALCS.
81  Years since we last won.
82  Highest uniform number worn by a Red Sox. Johnny Lazor wore it in 1943.
83  1983 - Wade Boggs' first batting title.
84  Extra-base hits by Earl Webb in 1931. 67 of them were doubles, a M.L. record.
85  Relief wins by Bob Stanley for the Sox. Does not include Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
86  1986. Another unforgettable Game 6.
87  1887 - The year Harry Hooper was born. His 130 career triples is a Red Sox record.
88  Morgan Magic.
89  Games Babe Ruth won pitching for the Sox.
90  1990 - Tom Brunansky's catch to clinch the division. Clemens ejected in the 2nd inning of Game 4 of the ALCS for using profanity.
91  Years the Red Sox will play in Fenway, if the new park opens in 2003.
92  Extra-base hits in 1938 for Jimmie Foxx, a Red Sox record.
93  Errors committed by the team in 1988 - the fewest ever by the Sox in a 162-game season.
94  Times the 1942 Red Sox grounded into a double play - the fewest ever by the Sox.
95  Interstate 95 - the road every Red Sox minor leaguer hopes to take from Pawtucket to Boston.
96  Red Sox wins by Bill Monbouquette, including 8/1/62 when he threw a no-hitter against the White Sox.
97  Double plays turned by Johnny Pesky in 1947, the year after his defense was questioned in Game 7 of the World Series.
98  Nomar Garciaparra's 98 RBI from the leadoff spot in 1997 is a M.L. record.
99  The year of Pedro! 23 wins, 313 strikeouts, 2.07 ERA, and 17 scoreless innings in the postseason.

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